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2016 Hilltop Speedway Schedule Is Out
 by Bob on Tuesday, Feb 2nd
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DFC Racing

Make your plans now to kick off your racing season on March 26th at the Hilltop Speedway. This place is known for the kickass 3 & 4 wide action so I have a warning for you folks. If you start your season on "The Hill", any trip you may make to another track this summer may seem a bit boring to you. ;-) You'll notice that there are still some dates on the schedule to be filled so stay tuned for some exciting news throughout the season. Complete schedule as of now is posted below. See ya there!

2016 Schedule:

March 26 Opening Night Regular Racing Event Excluding Mini Wedges

April 2 Regular Racing Event Excluding Mini Wedges

April 9 Regular Racing Event Short Track Fire & Rescue Mini Stocks $300 to Win

April 16 Regular Racing Event

April 23 Modifieds $1,000 to Win Plus Regular Racing Event Excluding MIni Wedges

April 30 Regular Racing Event

May 7 Driver Autograph Night Plus Holmes Tire Late Models $1,200 to Win Plus Regular Racing Event

May 14 Regular Racing Event

May 21 Regular Racing Event

May 28 Veterans Appreciation Night Plus Holmes Tire Late Models $1,200 to Win Plus Regular Racing Event Excluding Mini Wedges

& Bugs R Gone Trucks

June 4 Regular Racing Event

June 11 Street Stocks $1,000 to Win Plus Regular Racing Event Excluding Bugs R Gone Trucks

June 18 Regular Racing Event

June 25 Mid-Season Championship Modlites $500 to Win Plus Regular Racing Event

June 30 or July 2 TBA

July 9 Short Track Fire & Rescue Mini Stocks $500 to Win Plus Regular Racing Event

July 16 Regular Racing Event Plus Fan Appreciation Night

July 23 Regular Racing Event

July 28 Holmes Tire Late Model Dirt Speed Week Details TBA

August 6 Regular Racing Event Plus Kids Night

August 13 Regular Racing Event

August 20 Season Championships

September 1 TBA

September 16th and 17th 8th Annual Weekend on the Hill Holmes Tire Late Model Invitational, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Bugs R

Gone Trucks, Short Track Fire & Rescue Mini Stocks, Modlites, Mini Wedges. More details will follow.

Regular Racing Events Start Times: Pit Gates Open at 3:30 p.m. cost $30.00 General Admission at 4:00 p.m. cost $10.00 Kids 12

and under free

Hot laps 5:30 p.m. racing at 7:00 p.m.

A Little Racing News To Warm You Up
 by Bob on Thursday, Jan 14th
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DFC Racing
The 2016 racing season is not that far away even though it seems like Ol' Man Winter has just started to set in. There will be no shortage of great racing action in our area once again this year so be sure to get out and support your local tracks and racers every chance you get. Asphalt fans will be happy to hear that Barberton Speedway will finally be back in action for a full season in 2016. If they can draw in anywhere near the support they got for their end of the season Cavalcade weekend throughout their weekly shows this place will be well worth the trip, even if you're a dirt fan. There may also be one other area track making a huge return in our area this season if all goes as planned. The legendary Dragway 42 has been going through a very impressive make-over the past couple of years, and they tell me that the thunder of drag cars should return this summer. It's nearly impossible for me to believe what they're building where my home dragstrip once was. For you dirt fans my only comparison would be building a new NASCAR track at the Lakeville property. This will be a top notch facility in every way and you'll damn sure find me there when the gates finally swing open on this shiny new work of art.

This is the time of year that tracks are busy working to finalize their schedules and tweak their programs to better serve the racers and fans. Hilltop is always at the top of that list when it comes to ways to improve their shows while keeping it affordable for everyone. This is still the only track in the area that offers the crazy affordable yearly driver registration that includes one free pass for every night they participate in. This year the price for that registration has finally been bumped up from $100 to $125 to help cover increased operating costs, but still nobody else dares to come close to this offer. To snag this deal drivers/owners need to get their completed registration and payment (check or money order) mailed in by March 1st. The form is available on the Hilltop website and should be mailed to Hilltop Speedway, 10313 Back Orrville Road, Orrville, OH 44667. Other changes for this season at Hilltop include new hours that will be in place the entire racing season. They are posted below. This should avoid any confusion that came from the spring time hours and summer time hours they've used in the past. The new hours along with other tweaks should also help to get old folks like me back home a bit earlier after a kickass night of racing. Other fine tuning including some rule changes are still being worked out and will be announced soon. I look forward to once again spending as much time as possible at Hilltop Speedway, and I hope you will too. After all, it's always the place to find the very best door to door action on dirt!

NEW Hours Of Operation For Hilltop In 2016

Pit gates open at 3:30 pm

Pill Draw Closes at 5:15 pm

Hot Laps start at 5:30 pm

Racing starts at 7:00 pm

Main Gate opens at 4:00 pm

Main Concessions and Pit Concessions open at 4:30 pm

A Very Special Holiday Message
 by Bob on Wednesday, Dec 23rd
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DFC Racing I know it's been a few years since I posted one of these, but this year it seems like I really needed to. No, this one isn't about racing, but it is about the man that got me into racing in the first place, and made damn sure I stuck with it even while he went through the roughest times of his own life. For those of you that have lost somebody that meant the world to you, I figure you'll understand. For the rest of you, I strongly encourage you to make the best of every day you get to spend with your loved ones. I'm very blessed to say that I did just that the past few years. Next racing season will be a little odd for me without that early morning call after race night asking me who won and such, but I figure now he'll get to see the action from a much better view. Merry Christmas to all of you from DFC Racing!

Twas the night before Christmas,
and I was out in the garage.
What's that in the corner?
It must be a mirage.
It was a very familiar face
with a shit eatin' grin.
He said that's enough work son,
it's time to go in.
I stuttered and I stammered,
nearly fell on my butt.
Something told me it was true,
I could feel it in my gut.
Right there in front of me,
was the man I called Pop.
It's been quite a while,
since I've seen him in my shop.
He said he got bored,
hanging out with old friends.
So he came back to visit,
and tie up some loose ends.
I asked what he meant,
what he felt wasn't done.
He said grab us some beers,
and I'll tell you my son.
I said I don't have Yuengling,
I hope Bud Light will do.
The old man just chuckled,
and said oh fook sti kuh.
He twisted one open,
and took a big chug.
Then he walked up to me,
and gave me a big hug.
He said that's just in case you doubted,
the last time I did that.
I pulled up a chair,
and then quickly sat.
So that was you on that final night?
That feeling of comfort in knowing
that you were finally alright?
You must have been the one
that held back all my tears,
chased away all the sadness,
and took away any fears.
I've often suspected
that it was you all along.
Thank you for being there
and keeping me strong.
He said as your gramma was guiding me
towards that big fancy gate,
I wanted to be there for you,
but feared it was too late.
So I wrappped my arms around you,
and held you real tight.
So Merry Christmas son
and to all a good night!

Awesome Way To Wind Down 2015 Season At Hilltop
 by Bob on Thursday, Sep 24th
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DFC Racing

It was quite a long wait between Season Championship Night and the Weekend On The Hill, but as always, this show was well worth the wait. There was a complete racing program each night so teams didn't have to commit to being tied to one track all weekend. Looking at the packed pits and grandstands, it was clear that not many folks planned to miss any of the door to door action this place is known for. Even the cool ugly rain on Saturday couldn't keep racers and fans away from their last shot at racing action of the year on "The Hill".

A kickass field of 29 Late Models would take to the track on Friday night. Larry Bellman would set fast time but this night belonged to Mike Lonas and his Kryptonite race car. There were plenty of those badass Kryptonite cars there including Fast Freddie himself, but nobody seemed to have anything for Lonas all night long. Mike picked up the Dash win putting him at the front of the field for the feature. That was bad news for the rest of the field although Bond did give Lonas a battle at times early on. Bond, Carpenter, Hottinger, Malcuit, Conley and Markham could only fight over second place for the rest of the show. As if that wasn't a strong enough show for Lonas, he then went on to pick up the Street Stock feature win while he was at it. Damn what a night for one of Hilltop's most loyal weekly regulars. Congrats to ya Mike!

Saturday brought many changes including plenty of rain throughout the afternoon. Rain can do terrible things to a dirt track, but if run in right it can also make for a damn fast track. I'd have to say it was run in right as Markham set fast time turning the smooth as glass lap of 14.920. Tyler Carpenter added yet another Kryptonite car to the field on Saturday but missed the dash giving himself a bit tougher job when the feature came along. At the drop of the green of the Dash race it looked like Markham would pick up where Lonas left off the night before. Ryan is often know to be a bit laid back until feature time but he wasted no time working his way from the tail to the front. Laps would run out before he could get the lead away from Hottinger, but it was clear at this point Markham came to win the 30 lapper. Early in the feature it was all Markham with Hottinger, Conley, and Fast Freddie all fighting for second place. By the time a late caution flew with just 9 laps to go Conley had earned that 2nd place and was hounding Markham for the lead. On that restart we were treated to some of the best action all weekend as Conley squeaked into the lead and Tyler Carpenter stepped up his drive to the front. This young fella worked every inch of the track surface to drive by anybody in his way including his own dad. He was on a rail up top at the end and I can only guess he misjudged the number of laps left because it probably wouldn't have take 2 more laps for him to take the lead. As the checkers flew he would have to settle for 3rd as he was setting up that lead stealing move. Still one hell of a late race charge for one of the best young drivers I've ever seen strap on a helmet. What a show all of these drivers put on both nights!

I'm not sure how many of you out there realize just how lucky we are to be treated to such kickass racing action at a track that goes above and beyond to make sure each show is the best it can be. From treating racers and fans like family, to all the hard work it takes during the week and during the off-season to keep things headed the right direction, it's quite impressive. So I want to sincerely thank Buck, Amy and the entire gang at Hilltop for all that they do to provide us with our racing fix, and my home away from home. THANKS to all of you!

My Dad, My Best Friend, My Hero
 by Bob on Thursday, Aug 13th
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DFC Racing No matter how much time we're given to prepare for something like this, the loss of a loved one always seems too soon. I can honestly take comfort in the fact that Pop was much more prepared to leave this earth than the rest of us were for his passing. I often felt somewhat selfish for wanting him to be here forever, especially while watching him suffer so much the past few years. The past few weeks have been the toughest to witness, and I'm actually thankful that he's finally resting with no more pain and suffering. This great man that made me who I am today passed away peacefully before my very eyes, and while I'm sure our pain will last a while, his is finally gone. For that I'm very grateful.

While he may no longer be here with us, the life long lessons he gave me will never go away. I've done my very best to pass them along to my own kids and my granddaughter because they're so very important and valuable. If it wasn't for Pop, I probably would have never gotten involved in racing, but he gave me so much more. He taught us that hard work is a blessing to be proud of, not a curse. He taught us to treat everybody with respect, even those that may not earn it. I watched this man literally give his last dollar from his wallet to help somebody in need. Back in the good ol' days he even helped racers that we competed against to get a decent engine when they were in need. A couple of those racers are still very thankful to this day, and have even reminded me of his help when they needed it the most. I could easily fill a book with stories of his kind gestures and what they've taught me over my lifetime. I doubt that many that were lucky enough to know him would need to read that book though. They already know what a great man he was and have probably also learned from him. Pop may have moved on to a much better place, but his lessons will live on for generations. For that and so much more, I'm truly thankful. Rest in peace Pop. You've certainly earned it!

Conley Makes It 3 In A Row At Hilltop
 by Bob on Monday, Aug 10th
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DFC Racing

For the first time in a few weeks, I finally got to stay for the entire show at Hilltop. My parents took turns getting hauled to the emergency room in recent weeks, and although my dad is still in pretty bad shape, he's at least out of the hospital for now. THANKS to all the support from those of you in the racing community!

I have been at the track long enough lately to see some very nice car counts and great crowds, and this week was even better. A strong field of 25 Late Models and 24 Modifieds were just the icing on the cake this week. All divisions brought very good car counts and put on great shows and the kids were also treated to some extra fun and prizes since it was Kids Night. The great support of racers, sponsors, fans, and others was obvious as they all pitched in to donate prizes and more. Hats off to all of you!

The Late Model feature this week was action packed as always, and for Corey Conley it was time to see if his most recent tweaks to his ride would allow him to continue his win streak on The Hill. He was plenty fast in qualifying but failed to set fast time. When it was time for the Dash, he was once again quick to make his way to the front but Kyle Moore seemed to be in his own zone for the first time in a few weeks as he picked up the Dash win. Moore would start on the pole for the feature and it would be up to Conley and the others to find a way around him. On the first lap they did just that and Moore quickly found himself in 3rd place in a group of 4 cars all fighting for the lead. I had a feeling Moore wouldn't stand for 3rd place and we'd be in for a wild show as he went to work to do something about that. Cheer him or boo him, nobody can deny this fella puts on one hell of a show, and gets every single bit of performance out of a car that it has to offer. By the end of a night that's often shown by the lack of straight body panels on the car, but we've all come to expect that by now :-) Before long Moore worked his way into 2nd while trying his very best to widen the track on both ends. That high groove allowed him to begin his run on the outside of Conley for the lead. A caution would kill his momentum and it just never seemed to return after the restart. He was able to hang with Corey but just couldn't make another charge for the lead. After clearing some lapped traffic it looked like Conley found an overdrive gear in that Bert transmission as he set sail all by himself to pick up his 3rd feature win in a row. I'm not sure what it's going to take to end Conley's streak but there's plenty of talent at Hilltop each week that can pull it off so I reckon we might just find out next week.

Next Saturday, August 15th will be their last chance for a while to end that win streak as Hilltop closes out their points season on Season Championship Night. After that they'll have to wait until the 7th Annual Weekend On The Hill that will be held on September 18th and 19th. More details on that show will be posted soon but this is one of those shows you sure as hell don't want to miss. Load up the family and friends and get your dirt racing fix while ya can folks!

2 Kickass Hiiltop Shows Followed By Tragedy
 by Bob on Monday, Jul 13th
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DFC Racing The past 2 shows at Hilltop have been beyond awesome. The July 2nd King Of The Hill event packed the pits and the grandstands with the best in the area. 39 Super Late Models would take to the track to chase that $5000 winners check. Nearly the same number of Modifieds rolled into the pits to chase a $1000 payout to their winner and both divisions put on one hell of a show. That young fella from West Virgina, Tyler Carpenter would be crowned "King Of The Hill" by putting on a clinic on smooooooth clean racing the entire 40 laps. Congrats young man on a well deserved win!

This weekend we'd see 2 drivers pick up their very first feature wins and both races were action packed right up to the checkers. In the Late Models Vic Hottinger has been quietly sneaking to the front in recent weeks, and this week he would have quite a challenge. Mike Lonas and Corey Conley would battle door to door for the lead for the first half of the race. Just as soon as they finally settled into single file with Lonas leading, Hottinger put himself between the two seasoned veterans. It was as if he could smell that sweet smell of his first win as he set sail for the top spot. Lonas gave him a good clean battle but just couldn't retake the lead. Hats off to entire Hottinger team for proving they can run with the best around.

In the Street Stocks the 45 car of Bob Chilcote has been thrilling the crowd with his left front tire in the air most of the way around Hilltop. Saturday night he might have overworked the left front a little too much with those hard landings. Through the final laps that wheel was barely attached to the car and pointing everywhere but straight but lucky for Bob he rarely uses that wheel any way. He pointed the rest of the car where he needed it to go to pick up his very first feature win in wild fashion.

The recent action on "The Hill" was plenty to keep our spirits high at least until next week, but this morning we all got some devastating news. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle that has made Hilltop Speedway what it is today lost her life this morning in a tragic accident. Tracey Wardell not only played a huge role in reviving the track when it was struggling, she did it while always wearing that infectious smile. The entire Wardell family have always made folks like me feel like family just because that's the kind of great people they are. I suppose that's why the news hit me so damn hard. Those who know me know that I'm never left speechless, but I was today. Lucky for us the rest of the Wardell family are also known for their own infectious smiles and I just know we'll see them prove it in due time. Until then, please keep them in your prayers and PLEASE visit this webpage to help if you can. This great family will truly appreciate any help they can get in this time of need.

Daugherty Goes Up In Smoke, Moore Melts Down
 by Bob on Tuesday, Jun 9th
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DFC Racing

I'm always anxious for the $1000 to win Street Stock show at Hilltop as most of you know. This weekend would be very interesting with a few teams finally showing that they could at least run with undefeated Mike Lonas in recent weeks. Lonas is probably best known for his domination at Lakeville Speedway in his Late Model, and while he's had reasonable success with the Late Model at Hilltop, he's been untouchable so far this season in his Street Stock. Things have tightened up a bit the past couple of weeks towards the front of the pack, and with Bob Daugherty setting fast time last week before the rains came, it looked like the man that took all the big money last year would do it again. Daugherty lost his new engine just 3 weeks into the 2015 season so while it was being rebuilt he dropped in "old faithful" that was in the car last season when Bob was on a money grabbin' rampage at both Hilltop and WCS. That little motor has since won every time he's made the trip to 250 Speedway and qualified at the top of the field last week. On Friday night, just one night before this big show his new motor was back in the garage and Bob told me it was a damn tough decision to pull "old faithful" to drop the new one back in. That decision didn't look too bad early on Saturday night as he once again set fast time. Starting last in the dash, I wondered just how hard he'd work the car to get to the front, but this veteran was up on the wheel and in it to win it. When the checkers flew he was second and tripping over the leader. Before the feature Bob was still wondering if the engine swap was the right thing to do as he wasn't happy with the oil pressure he had in the dash. Only time would tell, he said. At the drop of the green in the feature we saw the return of "Bottom Feeder Bob" as he pulled out front and dove to the very bottom groove. He's earned that nickname over the years by picking up many wins while brushing the infield tires through the turns. A few laps into the race it looked like he'd do it again as he started to pull away from the pack. Then the magic smoke started spewing from the exhaust and that fresh motor let loose all over the track. Daugherty would watch the rest of the feature from the infield while kicking himself in the ass for taking "old faithful" out of the car. After the feature he was still able to smile but I'm pretty sure he'll be changing to another engine builder this week. More than likely returning to the shop that built "old faithful".

As devastating as the night turned out to be for Daugherty, it was typical to see him handle it with class and even kind words for his competition. That was a great example of how a real racer deals with problems. Unfortunately we would see an example of how not to handle set backs in the Late Model feature. The first 8 laps or so we saw Charlie Duncan and Kyle Moore side by side for the lead using every inch of the track. They would get together in turns 1 & 2 with Moore going around and being charged with the caution. In my professional opinion, the correct call was made as Moore basically drove across the nose of Duncan's car at just the point where Charlie had nowhere else to go. At any rate, shit happens and no driver will always like all the calls made at any track. What's important is how those drivers handle the situations, especially those drivers that should certainly know that they have the equipment and laps left to get back to the front. Most seasoned drivers would lick their wounds, go to the tail as instructed, and then drive the wheels off the car to get back to where they belong at the front of the pack. Instead of doing that, Moore chose to throw a tantrum that would make a spoiled 3 year old kid at a carnival look like an angel. Parking his car in order to hold up the show was bad enough, but beating the hell out of his car and throwing a hissy-fit in front of everybody only made himself look like an ass. It took a tow truck and his own brother to convince him to head to the trailer, finally allowing the show to go on. I haven't seen such ugliness since the old days at Lakeville Speedway before things got cleaned up there. I trust that Hilltop will make sure we don't see this type of thing from Moore or anybody else in the future. The racing action there is too damn good to allow such bullshit!

Fast Freddie Thrills Hilltop Crowd All Night
 by Bob on Monday, May 11th
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DFC Racing

When a feature winner tells the crowd that he'll see them again in a few minutes for another interview, some may think that driver is a little "cocky". Anybody that has ever talked to Fast Freddie Carpenter knows better though. You'd be very hard pressed to find a more down to earth and respectful driver anywhere. This guy just loves doing what he does, and it helps that he's damn good at it too. The entire Carpenter gang are always a pleasure to have in the pits and they're damn sure there to put on a great show on the track. Freddie won the feature last week while putting on a clinic on how to drive hard but clean while door to door with Corey Conley for much of the race. This week would seem like a continuation of that same race. Carpenter slowly and patiently worked his way to the front only to find himself door to door with Conley once again. After trying to find enough room to complete the pass on the bottom for a few laps, Freddie decided to try the high side. It didn't take long to see that was the smart move as Conley was unable to hold him off with all that momentum from the top groove. Seeing these guys and many others run 2 and 3 wide for many laps without contact is exactly what makes Hilltop the place to be on Saturday night.

Now back to that interview. This Saturday night Fast Freddie would do double duty by climbing into the R88 Modlite owned by Larry Reed. It was obvious early that this veteran driver can wheel anything on dirt when he ran away with the heat race win. The Modlite feature was lined up next after the Late Model feature so he barely got to catch his breath before jumping into his borrowed ride where he'd start on the front row. The opening laps provided a pretty good battle for the lead but once Carpenter found his rhythm he was gone. I swear I could see his grin through the helmet as he came off turn 4 to take the checkers! All I could think was it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. It's more than a little refreshing to see a very talented and successful driver doing what he does for the right reasons. He honestly seems to race for the love of the sport more than he does for the success and reputation. I sure hope to see more drivers notice this and follow his lead.

You don't want to miss the "King Of The Hill" show at Hilltop this coming Saturday night May 16th, as we'll see if anybody in the area is up to the challenge of ending Carpenter's winning streak. There's bound to be plenty of top notch teams taking a shot at that $5000 to win. Hell, maybe that Carpenter kid will show up and knock Daddy off his throne. ;-) SEE YA THERE!

Warmer Weather Brings HOTTER Action At Hilltop
 by Bob on Sunday, Apr 12th
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DFC Racing

The temps might have only been a little better but it was enough to bring some of the best competitors in the area to Hilltop on Saturday night. Last week there was a short but strong field of Late Models on hand. This week the count grew to 22 cars including Moran, Conley, Drown, Markham, Hornikle, Duncan and the rest of the strong field we've come to expect on "The Hill". This field would surely put on a great show as well as show us how last weeks winner, Moore would stack up against them. Heat races and the Dash were interesting enough, but the Feature would prove why Hilltop has become known for keeping the crowd on it's feet. The night would end early for Hornikle and Markham as they got together in turn 2 and both headed for the trailer. That left Drown, Moran, Conley, and Moore to battle for the front spot, and that's exactly what they did. Moran and Drown would swap the lead at each end of the track for many laps while the battles behind them were really heating up. Moore would spin himself during one of those battles and would have to prove he could once again come from the tail to the front but this time through a full field of strong cars. I'll be damned if he didn't do just that while the leaders were putting on one hell of a show of their own. Once Drown and Moran got into lapped traffic, they took turns using the lapped cars to their own advantage. More than once they avoided contact and even disaster dealing with the traffic but the result was damn good clean racing to the checkers. At the flag it was Moran picking up the win but the little fella had to work for it right to the stripe. Conley would take 3rd while probably hearing the footsteps of that damn Moore kid sneaking up behind him. ;-)

The Modifieds would have a similar Feature battle as Loney and Duston went at it lap after lap. These guys put on a great show of their own as the rest of the field seemed to be fighting for 3rd. Rory Reed qualified second this week and looked very strong early before getting pinched off going into turn 3 and choosing to spin himself out rather than moving the other car out of his way. Reed would smoothly work his way back through the field to bring home a top 5 and a complete race car unlike last week.

The Street Stock Feature was at least a little more entertaining this week with Daugherty giving Lonas more of a challenge, but Lonas would once again pick up a fairly easy looking win. Gee, do ya really think the big advantage is all horsepower here? This class has really gotten out of hand over the years and it's probably too late to fix it. I guess we should all get used to seeing rear steer and left front tires in the air in this division. Sorry, but I know I'm not the only one that has lost most of my interest in this division.

A division that sure as hell seems to have plenty of interest this year is the Mini Stocks. In recent years the car counts have slowly dropped off but this year that has really turned around. Both nights of action so far at Hilltop required a B-Main for this class. A whopping 33 of these things showed up this week and while some fans may not like to watch them, I think it's a very good sign for local racing to see a class actually grow. The other growing class this season is the Modlites and this division brings plenty of wild action of it's own. These cars used to only get a couple nights on the schedule in recent years but the excitement has grown a bit since being added to the nightly schedule. You won't want to miss a single night of the 2015 season at Hilltop for sure! Just be sure to bring the family and friends to share the experience. It will give you plenty to talk about all week long until the next night of action.



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Deerfield Raceway

Lakeville Speedway

Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

Midvale Speedway

Attica Raceway Park


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