Fun Stuff 

My slingshot dragster freshly restored and ready for action.
Viewed: 2125 times.
Another drag car from my past.
Viewed: 2156 times.
My '65 Belvedere drag car.
Viewed: 2209 times.
My first turbo project. Yes, a turbo Pinto!
Viewed: 1898 times.
One of my favorite drag cars from my youth.
Viewed: 1921 times.
My '72 340 Cuda.Damn, I miss that one!
Viewed: 2027 times.
One of Tim Stockwell's Turbo Buicks!
Viewed: 1981 times.
My nitrous fed Malibu.
Viewed: 1871 times.
My sleeper 427 powered '79 Z-28.*
Viewed: 1905 times.
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