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Tempers Fly & Cars Too!
Posted on Sunday, August 07 @ 12:37:54 MST by Bob

DFC Racing
Did I miss the full moon or something? It turned out to be quite a rough night but this time the track wasn't the problem. It was in GREAT shape this week. Hats off to Tim Meyers and crew for giving us an awesome racing surface all night. So then, why did so many cars get torn up and why was there so much anger in the pits? My personal opinion is that this new dash and heat race thing is a BAD idea, and played a part in what happened last night. When a heat race has about the same car count as a B-Main, and you only get 8 laps to get to the front, things are gonna get ugly. If you don't do so well in the heat, you have to fight your way all the way from the tail, to the top 4 to transfer into the feature. This might be the reason some drivers are taking the "anything goes" attitude and that's just plain dangerous. We were the victims of this in both the heat race and the B-Main last night, although we weren't the worst victims of the night. There's more than one racer out there without a race car after last night. I won't get into their stories but I'm still more than a little pissed off about what happened to us. Rubbin' is racin' and all, but driving down the side of a car repeatedly until you get by is rough driving. We're told each week that this will not be tolerated but I guess that black flag is reserved for special occasions. What happened in the heat race was bad enough, but the B-Main topped the night off for us. Randy started 12th and knew he'd have a tough time getting to the top four, but he was determined to do it. He didn't beat and bang his way through, and he sure didn't waste any time getting where he needed to be. Not once did he feel the need to nudge somebody out of the way for a spot. He drove one hell of a race to get into 5th and it looked like he'd surely pull off what seemed impossible. From 12th to 4th in the field of cars that run at WCS is something only veterans with big motors are supposed to do. This rookie with a 355 was about to do it! Then the shit hit the fan. A driver who I've respected for many years as a clean and smooth driver, jumped the start to get beside Randy and drove into turn one using Randy a guardrail. Randy was punted out of the way and dropped to the tail. Randy wasn't the first guy punted by that same driver in the race so the flagman finally decided to "point" the black flag at him. How damn many cars do you get to take out before moving past the "pointing" stage? We're also told that jumping starts will not be tolerated but this wasn't the only one missed by the officials. One car got away with 3 of them before having his night end in an ugly way. Beatin' & bangin' on the track leads to pushin' and screamin' in the pits and last night had plenty of both in all divisions. I almost thought I was at an asphalt track at one point. Enough is enough dammit! It's time for the officials to do some officiating and do it fairly throughout the entire field. That may not stop all of the fighting in the pits but it would surely cut it down a bunch. It's probably also time for the drivers to take a deep breath and calm down a bit and get back to racing. Nobody wants to take home a torn up race car or be booted from a spot they've worked hard to earn, and if you play that way, it could happen to you next time. Think fellas THINK!! I gotta say that I'm very happy to see Dave Wirt survive his wild ride last night. The car didn't come out so good but the important part is that Dave is unhurt. I sure hope to see him back in action soon because racers of that caliber need to be out there on the track every week. We could all learn something from a guy like Dave.



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