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Blowout Report
Posted on Sunday, September 30 @ 21:15:09 MST by Bob

DFC Racing After the disaster we all suffered through last year at the Blowout, it would have been a reasonable decision to stay home this year. Well, for sane people anyway. Many of us are just plain hooked I guess, so I headed to Lakeville for the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised on Friday night when things seemed to be flowing pretty damn smoothly for any Blowout event. Sure, there was plenty of beatin' and bangin', and questionable calls/lineups, but nothing compared to last year. The track was in great shape with very little dust, and things were really looking up. That made many of us expect that Saturday night would go just as smoothly. That didn't happen. Blame for the rough driving and flood of caution flags could be shared amongst many, that's for sure. With so many different types of drivers out there fighting for that Blowout win, I suppose we should expect them to be a bit more aggressive, but damn folks. Some of the B-main action was wayyyyyy beyond ugly, and I know I'm not alone in wondering why the hell it was allowed to continue. If the track has to meet a curfew, I just don't understand why they allowed those B-Main races to drag on forever, just trying to get a lap or two in at a time. It bit them in the ass later in the night when people actually left before the Super Late Model feature started, and that race was called off early due the curfew. What the hell?? All that time wasted on caution laps all night robbed the drivers and fans of the completion of the best race of the night. The calls and lineups only got worse on Saturday night and I'm convinced that Helen Keller has found a new gig. The Modified feature stands out the most to me. When the leader went off the high side and brought out the caution, he was restarted in 5th place! There wasn't a person there that understood that one. Unless they use some special formula down there, he either gets his spot back in the lead (but then who caused the caution?), or to the tail for bringing out the caution. Where the hell did they come up with the idea to put him in 5th?? Shortly after that they put the 41 car of Kyle Brown in front of Rory Reed on a restart, when even Brown knew it was wrong. Did they fix it? Nope! I won't get into the rest of the many more questionable calls and lineups, but the confusion/disgust was easy to hear in the pits all night. All in all, it was a better show than the wreckfest we saw last year, but there's some very basic things that need to be fixed before many folks will return. We've all come to expect blown calls and mistakes at any track on any given night. After all humans do make mistakes, but we shouldn't expect the number of problems we saw this weekend. Sure the owners are new, and I'm more than willing to give them time to make those needed changes as long as they show that they're truly dedicated to making them. Let's hope they do a bit of house cleaning and make Lakeville the track it can be.

Congrats go out to many this weekend. Denny Shear looked like a man on a mission this weekend. That recent trip to Muskingum must have lit a fire in him or something. Denny drove the wheels off the 45 car to survive the feature in 5th place. Hell he was digging for 4th when the checkers flew. Nice job Denny!! Another guy that had one hell of a weekend was Rory Reed. Rory dusted off his old ride last week and he came to play hard this week with it. Ya might say he had something to prove since he'd be battling against the very car that he drove to a second place points finish at Hilltop. A pretty ugly incident on Friday night left Rory scraping the wall to the checkers right beside that same car. Saturday night would turn out differently though, as Rory drove right by his former ride on his way to what should have been a 4th place finish. The strange lineup mentioned above put the 41 car in 4th spot though, so the official scoring shows Rory in 5th. (Kyle did appreciated the "gift" though ;-) Not too damn shabby for an ugly old leaf spring car with a worn out little sissy motor huh? To me, that shows the desire this guy has to make the best of whatever he's driving. Way to go Rory! Another standout in the Modifieds was Gary Hensel. Yea, that's the tech inspector from Hilltop Speedway. Now it's no secret that given a chance, this guy will turn laps on any track in anything with wheels, but his first try in a Modified was nothing short of KICKASS! Friday night was the first time he even sat in this thing, and he ran off with the B-Main on Saturday night. That was only a preview of the feature though, where he piloted the 84 car to a 6th place finish. I'd hate to see Hilltop lose an experienced tech man, but somebody needs to get Gary a full time ride!! Give 'em hell "Tech Guy"!! ;-) The remainder of the congrats go out all of those that survived this Blowout and especially those drivers that simply lived with the bad calls without parking their car on the front stretch to throw a hissy fit in front of the entire crowd. Bad call or not (and I even agree it was a questionable call), that only made an ass out of one person, and it sure as hell wasn't the person that made the call. Ummm,,, thanks for the show, and the much needed delay.



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