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Another Great Season Comes To An End
Posted on Sunday, November 04 @ 22:00:17 MST by Bob

DFC Racing Last Sunday, Hilltop put an end to the area racing action with the second annual Joel Myers Memorial Halloween Havoc show, and what a wild way to end the season. The pits were packed with enough unfamiliar cars that it was almost like going to a different track. There were plenty of weekly regulars there, but nearly every class had several cars that we're not used to seeing. It sure made for an interesting night to say the least. Some of the action was just plain dirty, but for the most part the "outsiders" put on a great show and made our regulars step up their own performance. A night at Hilltop probably wouldn't seem complete without George Lee thrilling the crowd one way or another, and he sure got his share of attention with one of the wildest flips I've seen on dirt. I can't honestly think that many people were surprised by the flip with the way George was driving though. Now, before you jump my ass about "wanting to see somebody wreck or get hurt", that's not what I'm saying at all. It's just simple common sense that even "The General" needs to lift off the throttle once in a while. It may be one hell of a thrill when all goes well while holding it to the wood lap after lap, but don't act surprised when disaster strikes while doing it too. Lifting isn't just for sissies, as some might think. It's called car control, and respecting those other drivers that share the track with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that "hard racing" can lead to checkers or wreckers, and it took 2 wreckers to haul the 21 car back to the pits. Smart racing? Enough about that shit. It was great to see 30 Pure Stocks in action, and even better to see Jeff Facemire return to the track. After starting out the season very strongly, he sat out most of the year without an engine. He seemed to pick up where he left off though, and he even took home a whole car at the end of the night. Brandon Craver also returned to Hilltop to pick up yet another feature win.

All in all I've enjoyed the hell out of the 2007 racing season, and can't wait for next year. My first season being involved in asphalt racing was even alot of fun, but I may not admit that to just anybody. ;-) Meeting new people and visiting different tracks is always interesting, and my brief trip to Challenger was awesome. (THANKS again Ken for talking me into that!) I hope to make the trip back there next season if all goes well. Speaking of next year, there are many decisions to be made for the 2008 season. I've already renewed the Wengerd Enterprises sponsorship deal at Hilltop Speedway for 2008, and I'd like to thank those new customers I've met through the 2007 season sponsorship. I'm hoping to see that Wengerd Enterprises name on some race cars again next year too, depending on how a few other plans go. I hope to update the Wengerd Enterprises website a bit this winter to highlight the lettering and graphics packages we'll be offering next season too.

The 2007 season was filled with many changes, and 2008 might bring even more judging from what is in the works right now. Lakeville Speedway was sold late in the 2007 season, Hilltop had it's first MACS show, and I ended up spending my Saturday nights at Midvale Speedway. 2008 may include more sanctioned shows at Hilltop, and my Saturday nights may be spent at Buckeye Speedway if current plans go through. Yes, I said Buckeye Speedway, but there's a catch. It seems those ugly rumors about WCS are all too true, and if the legal situation gets cleared up, Randy Smith plans to buy the place, rename it Buckeye Speedway, and PAVE it! Was it really that long ago that we were all told that Ernie was our hero for saving dirt track racing at WCS? Was it that long ago that we were all told that the Coffman family would own WCS (and even improve it) for many generations? I know that many of you shared my opinions on all that back then, and it seems that we were right from the start. What a shame it would be to see the premier dirt track in the area covered with asphalt, but it sure beats the hell out of the reported alternative. I wish Randy Smith the very best if the deal does get completed, but deep inside I'm still hoping for a miracle that would bring back WCS as the dirt track we all remember from the past. Let's all hope that our "hero" doesn't ever get his hands on any other area tracks! I won't even go into that situation.

Now, to make this perfectly clear, you will NOT see me saying that WCS has been sold and will be paved (or any other scenarios) until/unless the deal has been completed. I hate rumors as much as the rest of you, but the information stated above about the current plan has been verified by more than a few very reliable sources, including the one (trust worthy) person that would know all the details, if ya know what I mean. The deal will certainly take time to complete (or fall apart), but rest assured that the ball is rolling at this point, and that is a fact. We'll all just have to wait and see how this all turns out at this point, but from what I'm told, paving the place might just be the only thing that saves the track we all call "home", and no, that can't be blamed on the neighbors and their complaints. That blame rests much closer to "home".



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