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Lakeville Finally Gets One In The Books!
Posted on Wednesday, May 18 @ 09:20:02 MST by Bob

DFC Racing

*** IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While the official Lakeville Speedway website is going through a transformation, it will not be updated for now. Therefore, I will post the official results and statements from Lakeville on this website to keep you folks updated. It's very important that you realize there will be official information posted here AND my own write-ups whenever possible. Yes, I work for Lakeville but DO NOT confuse my statements or opinions with statements or official opinions from Lakeville Speedway. In other words, when I bust someboody's balls or vent a little, it's coming from me, NOT Lakeville Speedway. We may not always have the exact same opinion on things, but this is my outlet to express mine.

Now for my take on opening night. First off a message to any web forum lurking keyboard cowboys out there that even think about posting that a track has cancelled their show. Do us all a favor and CONFIRM your friggin information with the track owners or employees before posting such a message! Looking at the sky and talking to somebody that lives near the track is NOT confirming your information and screws racers and track owners when your information turns out to be WRONG! Do I sound a little pissed off? You're damn right! If somebody went online to tell people that my business was closed (after busting my ass for weeks to open it up) without CONFIRMING their information with me, I'd be more than a little pissed off. In this case it not only screwed a business though, it screwed racers that bust ass to get their cars ready to race each week, especially anybody planning on running for points this year. THINK people, THINK before jumping on a forum and posting unconfirmed information! Come to think of it, it would be a great idea to work out any concerns or complaints with your local track owners before jumping online to bash them too. While it's not possible for any track to please everybody, they really do try their best to make the racers and fans happy. It's their business.

Alright, enough of all that. It may have been a long wait to hit the new surface at Lakeville but it was worth the wait. Even with a light car count due to the weather and misinformation, we were treated to some damn good clean racing. The yellow flag got very little use and the black flag never left the shelf. Hell, the 4 bangers even went green to checkers for their feature! The Modifieds put on a great show and The Late Models didn't settle their feature until the final laps. Just when it looked like Rick Bond had it wrapped up, one small mistake handed it over to Charlie Duncan. I'm looking forward to a much better car count this week with the forecast looking better so we'll see how the new surface takes it. It held up very well on Friday night especially considering all the extra moisture we had all week. Hats off to ya Randy for sticking to it and making it all happen!

Now for the official information directly from Chuck:

May 13th,2011

Multi time track champion Charlie Duncan missed winning the season points battle last year by only four points,however he got a great start on the chase this year by besting the field in the Rod Eddleblute's Super Late Models on Friday night.

After being forced by weather to postpone the opening night five times this year,the wait was worth it as Randy Young had the track in great shape after extensive reconstruction including new clay.The weather had played havoc in getting open and the skies on Friday night continued to present yet another challenge.Rain surrounded the 3/8 mile track but did not slow the action in all five racing divisions which included the TSMA Modifieds on the program for the 2011 racing season.

Duncan had looked very strong in winning his heat race from his fourth starting spot and lined up in the same place for the feature.The other heat winner,Travis Mensching had the pole position with the 2010 champ Rick Bond on the outside of the front row.As the green was displayed,Duncan came off of turn four tucked in behind Bond who had dashed to the point.Behind the two front runners were Brad Moore and Mike Lonas.J.R.Gentry had pulled out of the heat race with a lot of smoke from his entry and was forced to start the feature back in the ninth place and now was on the move toward the front by using the top of the multi grooved racing surface.On several occasions throughout the event a lot of side by side racing was happening.Duncan followed Bond and had made many attempts to gather in the leader.It didnt happen until lap twenty two when Duncan charged into turn three on the high side of Bond and came off of turn four with the lead.Bond finished in the runner up spot with Moore grabbing third,Gentry was fourth and Lonas took fifth.

Kevin Morehouse and Tanner Wilson won the heat races in the Tri State Modifieds and on the redraw put them starting third and fifth in the finale.Earning the front row were father and son that being Travis Dickson on the pole and his father Mark Dickson on the outside.Row two saw Morehouse and Hilton Eppley. The senior Dickson took the lead as Travis was right on the rear bumper of his father with Wilson then Morehouse.On lap two the first caution was out for Nathan Loney.The restart was good to both the Dicksons as they bolted out to a small lead.With two more laps recorded,Morehouse retired to the pits.As the sixth lap was ran,Rory Reed moved into striking distance in fifth place.The family battle continued until lap eighteen and at times side by side,when Travis powered by his dad and took the win over Mark.Wilson sailed home in third, Reed took fourth and Eppley got fifth.

Todd Swim was able to hold off Bob Daugherty in the America's Best Siding Pure Stock action a main.Josh Miller had won the heat and held onto third place with Tom Fantin taking fourth and Eddy Rose in fifth.

Past track champion Jordan James took the lead on lap five and went on to win opening night in the Atom's Pest Control 4 Cylinder Bombers over Kevin Stamper,Bobby Stamper,Michael Rose and Josh Ramiez.

Seth Dickerson got back in the winning way as he won the heat and feature in the Lake Wappason Camp Grounds Classic Cruisers.Steve Foley was second,Terry Myers third,Glenn Elliott fourth and Mike Flannery fifth.

Action will return on Friday May 20th with all five racing divisions in action.Randy Young can be reached at 419-512-2203.The Lakeville Speedway website is currently under construction.

Late Models
Heat 1-Charlie Duncan,Kevin Wright,Steve Shafer,Larry Bellman,J.R.Gentry
Heat 2-Travis Mensching,Rick Bond,Brad Moore,Mike Lonas,Jason Hinton

Heat 1-Kevin Morehouse,Mark Dickson,Hilton Eppley,Rory Reed,Sid Dannels
Heat 2-Tanner Wilson,Travis Dickson,Tom Bruck,Chris Plascak,Eric Singhaus
T.Dickson,M.Dickson,Wilson,Reed,Eppley,Bruck,Singhaus,Chad Hamilton Dannels,Scott Clantz,Plascak,Brad Eagle,Morehouse,Nathan Loney

Pure Stocks
Heat 1-Josh Miller,Bob Daugherty,Todd Swim,Kyle Moore,Eddy Rose
Feature-Swim,Daugherty,Miller,Tom Fantin,Rose,Johnny Moore,Rob Metz, Paul Whitten,Denny Shear,(Kyle Moore DNS)

4 Cylinder Bombers
Heat 1-Kevin Stamper,Bobby Stamper,Dustin Daugherty,Michael Rose,Jordan James
James,K.Stamper,B.Stamper,Rose,Josh Ramiez,Mark Price,Daugherty,Steve Quicksall (Lenny Quinn DNS)

Classic Cruisers
Heat 1-Seth Dickerson,Steve Foley,Glenn Elliott Jr,Mike Flannery,Terry Myers
Feature-Dickerson,Foley Myers,Elliott,Flannery,Jim Gerbasi



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