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Overdue For Some Updates
Posted on Thursday, July 05 @ 12:47:45 MST by Bob

DFC Racing Between Lakeville and my own business, I've been unable to post anything here other than temporary messages advertising upcoming events at Hilltop and Lakeville for weeks now. I'm happy to say that with guys like Mike Miller, Randy Smart, and a few others that would like to remain un-named representing my carbs, I've been quite busy lately. With Smart picking up 4 of the first 5 features at Midvale and Miller picking up the win with a LEGAL 4412 from the tail against a field of 4bbl. cars at Barberton, it's hard not to enjoy the extra work. ;-) (Did you read that again all you Lakeville Pure Stock guys that feel like you can't compete with a 2 bbl carb? )It hasn't been all carbs that keep me busy but it's probably the most rewarding work right now.

Other rewards will come when we finally get the first night of racing in the books at Lakeville. Just when we had everything in place to kick off the season, Mother Nature came along with a violent storm last Friday night. I thought Randy was nuts when he wanted to announce a practice on July 4th, but I must have underestimated the dedication of Lakeville racers. A dozen or so brave souls strapped into their rides in the blistering heat to take to the track for the first time all season. Hats off to all of you that made the trip and battled the brutal temps as high as 97! This test day should also put to rest any doubt you may have about the dedication the whole gang at Lakeville have to getting back to racing.

While I'm on the topic of dedication, I can't help but address some of those "keyboard cowboys" that still insist on posting negative crap on forums. Keep in mind that what you read here is directly from me, NOT Lakeville Speedway. For those that still seem to think Lakeville is running some sort of conspiracy to make you think they're serious about racing, all I can say is get a fuggin clue. Do you really think they're spending all this money and time to play games? Do you really think those of us dedicating months of labor are in this for the fun and exorcise? For those that want to think that Lakeville has turned it's back on Late Models, maybe you don't understand the financial side of a race track. Last year even when the car counts were down, Lakeville paid the full purse. That hurts bad enough when enough money comes in nightly to cover that cost, but imagine reaching into your own pocket to make that payout at the end of the night. With the money being spent on legal fees and prepping the facility already, I can fully understand why they wouldn't want to risk losing even more money nightly right now. That being said, they've clearly said that Late Models haven't been ruled out for this season. One idea was to swap out the Mods for the Lates from week to week. We'll see what works out soon enough folks so don't get your panties in a bunch just yet.

Keep in mind folks that without Agnes, Randy, Sue, and the rest of us stepping up this place would be a ghost town right now with no racing to be seen in the near future. It sure as hell would have been much easier to sit back and wait for the court stuff to be finalized on it's own and wait for another buyer. That's not what real racers do and that's what these people are. They're busting their asses to make sure this historic track is here for you, the racers and fans. This leads me to address one special keyboard cowboy in particular. This little ray of sunshine suggested that the track "take it in the arse" to get racers and fans to return to Lakeville Speedway. Well Skippy, if spending thousands of dollars in legal expenses to fight for something that is already yours just to keep the place open doesn't satisfy you, I'm sorry we can't make you happy. If spending thousands more on repairs and facility prep so you can race there doesn't satisfy you, I'm sorry we can't make you happy. If spending months of hard labor to get the place ready for you to race there doesn't satisfy you, I'm sorry we can't make you happy. If you weren't at the driver's meeting that explained that there would be no points money or banquet last year, I'm sorry we can't make you happy. (Oddly enough, the 2 champions I talked to recently were fully aware of this by the way.) Hey, I'm starting to see a pattern here. It seems that Lakeville Speedway is simply unable to make you happy so here's a suggestion. Take your car and your "the whole world should cater to me" attitude to any other area race track. Just don't bring it to Lakeville so you won't be tempted to race home from the track just to bitch on a forum. Here's a nicer suggestion. If you have a problem, complaint, or even just a suggestion, man up and call Randy instead of bashing on a public forum. You'll get much better results that way, trust me.

On a much happier note, I have been able to take in some great racing at some other tracks so far this season. Hilltop never fails to put on the best door to door action to be found anywhere on dirt every time I make the trip. Every class there will keep ya on your feet all night long. Midvale spent plenty more money on upgrades to their facility and it shows. This place is just plain purrrty and worth the trip even for you dirt racers and fans. Sure they've had their share of ugliness on the track this year again, but it's still the best on show on asphalt in the area. Check it out for yourself!



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