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Date: Sunday, May 05 @ 01:25:08 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature finally let us get another race night in and we brought the car home all in one piece.What more could ya ask for from us? How about a top 10 in the feature? We can do that,and Richie did that with the front brakes locking up for most of the race.Our heat race didn't go too bad either other that lack of forward bite,and cutting down a tire during the whole race.Richie pulled off a 5th place finish in the heat with the right rear coming off the rim! The 4th place car was diqualified for being too light and that gave Richie 4th.Our hero Bill Franks bought us some fresh rear tires for the feature and Richie started 5th.THANKS Bill! Richie held his own for the first few laps but then the front brakes started sticking and that took away the handling in a hurry.He managed to hang around the top 7 til the last lap and ended up 9th.Top 10's aren't that easy to come by out there so I guess we did alright.To make it a little sweeter he managed to out run John once again.I could get used to that.:-) We'll figure out the brake problem and work out a few more bugs for next week so stay tuned.We'll get the hang of this stuff yet.Remember that famous racing saying.If this shit was easy,every asshole would be doing it.;-)

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