Almost Ready
Date: Thursday, May 20 @ 23:24:21 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Ol' #9 is finally just about ready to hit the track again. There's only a few little things left to do and we could have made it in time for Lakeville but unfortunately, we can't quite scrounge up the money for the tires we need for there just yet. That sucks because we really do look forward to getting back down there for some more fun. Now, I'm certainly not against them having a tire rule by any means. It's just tough for a team like ours to spend even more money for tires right now. Hopefully the money tree I planted will work out and we can get back down there soon. I'd also like to see their car count improve for our class down there. I've always heard that folks don't like to race there because of the beating and banging, but after our last trip to WCS,, I honestly can't see it get much worse than that at Lakeville. I'm willing to take my chances down there anytime we can. For this week though we'll be heading to WCS to see just how well we did in getting the car back together. It would sure be nice to pick up where we left off before the wreck, but experience tells me that's just wishful thinking. We've been through this before though and we always seem to bounce back sooner or later. I'm just hoping it's sooner this time. Since we've pretty much screwed ourselves in the points by jumping from track to track, I'm looking forward to getting back to racing just for the fun of it and hopefully manage some strong runs where ever we go. It sure would be nice to find our way back to the winners circle along the way too. Now, that would be FUN! ;-)

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