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Date: Sunday, May 30 @ 23:43:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It sure felt good to get back to racing last night and it looks like we did alright piecing the car back together during our time off. We're not quite back to where we want to be but it's closer than I expected. Not only did Mother Nature give us a great night for racing but there was quite a field of cars there last night. It was also nice to see the show move along as smoothly as it did last night. I don't think anybody complained about the lack of water truck races either. ;-) We figured it may be tough to race our way into the feature from the heat race since we were still adjusting the car but Richie was on a good roll early and it looked like he'd pull of at least 4th, but then he got stuck behind a rolling road block. That cost him a few spots and he finished 7th. That put him in the B-Main where he started 8th. While still struggling a bit with the setup he worked his way to 5th for that last transfer spot into the feature. That put him dead last in the line up but after what happened in our last feature, that was fine with me. This would give him plenty of room to miss the mess up front on the first couple of laps. He worked his way forward pretty quickly considering how damn patient he can be, but by the halfway point he had used up the rear tires completely and just hung on from there. He had his hands full just hanging onto the 15th spot by the end. The good news is that the car came home in one piece and we're fairly close on setup. We may decide to make some changes in the motor soon though and then we'll be chasing the setup again for a while. Oh well,, that's racing. Some of our buddies had better luck last night too. Denny Shear sure looked fast all night in his recently repaired #45. Dave Mc Millen was pretty damn quick too. I thought for sure he was gonna win the B-Main but he had to settle for 2nd. He also finally managed to finish a feature in one piece. I know how relieving that can be Dave!! ;-) Rory Reed came up a bit short of another feature win but 2nd ain't too damn shabby. Speaking of buddies, we met a new one this week when Verne Siegrist came over to see us. We've, ummm,,, run into each other before on the track but never in the pits. ;-) Good to meet ya Vern, and welcome to the site. From what I've seen of this guy, he's one hell of a competitor but keeps his head on straight all night long. That's the kind of folks we like to race with. It's nice to know you can trust a guy to race you clean while still racing you hard. We're still trying to scrape together some tire money so we can get back to Lakeville but I doubt we'll make it this week. It would sure be nice to get back down there soon and bring some more cars with us. It sounds like their car count is pretty bad in our class lately and I'd like to show them that we appreciate being treated fairly down there. I know the tire rule is holding up more than just our team but hell, in my opinion, it's well worth the cost to run there. And that's coming from a cheap bastard like me! ;-)

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