Close But No Cigar
Date: Sunday, June 06 @ 12:01:04 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It looks like we've got the car back to where it belongs and Richie made the best of it all night long. He was on quite a roll in a very tough heat race from his 9th place starting spot but near the end had to check up to miss a wreck and lost most of the spots he'd earned. That dropped him to 6th and into the B-Main. There was plenty of stout competition for him there but that didn't seem to matter to Richie. From the drop of the green it looked promising and a couple laps later it looked like he'd bring home his second win for sure. Just as he made the move to the lead the caution came out and he had to drop back to second. This happened twice within a few laps and it was hard to watch. Being the nice guy that he is (damn you Richie ;-) he wanted to make sure he took the lead clean so he took his time to make it happen but just couldn't do it before time ran out. To take second in that field of cars is nothing to bitch about but it was clear who had the faster car there. Oh well, that's racin'. Too bad the favor of racing each other clean wasn't returned in the feature though and that is something to bitch about. Richie started 17th and soon found himself racing the same driver that he battled in the B-Main. Once again he took his time to make the pass clean and drove away setting his sights on the cluster of cars next in line. Going into turn 3 on the last lap, as he was setting up for at least one more spot, he was knocked out of the way by the very same driver he had raced so clean all night. This was so blatant of a move that it finally pissed Richie off and he returned the favor after the checkers flew. Most folks know that it's not easy to get Richie fired up but he has finally had enough abuse from this particular driver. If a driver has to resort to beating and banging to pick up spot after spot, week after week, then maybe it's time to rethink their driving style. Otherwise you might get labeled as "Dangerous". We're thankful that most folks out there don't drive like that and accept when they're cleanly beaten. That's what competition is all about. Sometimes you're the fastest, and sometimes you're not. A true racer knows the difference and learns to deal with it. Anyway, it was nice to bring the car home in one piece after putting on quite a show all night. The car worked well and Richie just plain drove his ass off lap after lap. The rest of the season could be pretty interesting if this keeps up. It was also quite a shock last night to see that WCS started to enforce some rules for once. They sure pissed some folks off last night and they still haven't quite dug deep enough or maybe into the right areas, but it's a start. While I don't totally agree with some of the stuff they went after, I guess they had to start somewhere. It will be interesting to see just how the rest of this will play out in the coming weeks. If they manage to level the playing field by cracking down on the things that really matter, all of this will be worth it. If it turns into nitpicking certain things while overlooking the real cheating, then it will end up no different than the past few years. Only time will tell I guess. Stay tuned...... Oh yea,,almost forgot to mention that Ol' #9 passed inspection with flying colors. Was there ever any doubt??? ;-)

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