Short Night For Ol' # 9
Date: Sunday, June 20 @ 18:12:47 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

The night started out with a pleasant surprise when we saw Randy Pollock and crew returning to WCS. It just hasn't been the same without those guys around and it was great to see them back in action. Unfortunately their night lasted about as long as ours did which was over after the heat race. Richie had the pole with Fred Snyder's flying Ford right beside him and quite a few other quick guys behind. The first start didn't quite work out as planned but on the next start Richie was able to hang close to Snyder and even managed to reel him in a bit through 3 & 4 each lap. It was one hell of a run while it lasted but the right rear wheel decided to leave a couple laps too early. It took the weel studs with it and we couldn't get things back together safely in time to make the B-Main. It sure sucked to put it on the trailer so early when things were looking so good but we'll try to make up for it next week. We're just glad we have a whole car to bring back next week. Not only did Randy have bad luck in his heat, but Rory Reed had problems in the feature and pulled off before the finish. I know how bad he wants this championship and I sure hated to see his night end that way. The highlight of the evening just might have been watching Dave McMillen battling for the win in the B-Main. It was quite a battle with John Holmes and Jack Wiles trying to take it away from him. In the final laps Wiles and McMillen tangled going into turn 3 which sent Dave around and Wiles into the pits. Dave pulled off a 360 save and never lost sight of his goal of the front spot. While he ran out of time before getting the top spot back he did manage to work his way all the way back up to 4th without the help of a caution flag to bunch the field back up. DAMN! All of this action was topped off by the ol man himself, John Holmes, pulling off the win. That was just plain fun to watch. Next week we hope it's our turn dammit!!

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