Get Well Soon Rory!
Date: Sunday, June 27 @ 09:18:08 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

What was already a tough night for us got even worse when Rory Reed took a nasty ride off the back stretch and rolled the #88 car over. It was a pretty violent hit into one of the tires back there that seemed to take it's toll on Rory. He was sent to the hospital for possible back/neck injuries and that was the latest news I have for now. If any of you out there get any more info, please let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with ya Rory, and the whole #88 team. We sure hate to see this stuff happen to any fellow racer and it only makes it worse when it's somebody like Rory. We couldn't ask for a better racer to compete with out there. Now, on to our own problems from last night. Things didn't go well at all in the heat race and Richie pulled off with 2 laps to go in order to save a rubbing tire. That put him in the B-Main where he started 12th. Looking at the line up, and knowing the race was shortened to just 8 laps, we knew it would be tough to make it to the top 5 so we could get into the feature. After missing his first feature in years last week, Richie was a man on a mission. He made a strong charge towards the front and picked up the 5th spot coming off turn 4 on the last lap. Atta Boy!! That was the good news. All night long we fought oil leaks, header leaks, and smoke rolling out the exhaust, and something just doesn't sound right in the motor. That wasn't going to stop Richie from running the feature though and now I wish it would have. When the red flag flew for Rory's disaster, Richie hammered the brake pedal with that big ass foot of his and lost his brakes. The fun was just starting then because after tagging a parked car he lost the steering and was just along for the ride til he ended up in the infield. Now we have even more stuff to fix along with the motor problems. We're off next weekend anyway so that will help but something tells me we may not make it back the following week. We'll see how things go I guess. We gotta thank Denny Shear for the offer of his car for the feature even though Richie decided to run ol' #9 instead. Thanks Denny! Aren't ya glad we didn't take ya up on that offer now? ;-) Oh yea, we must send out our congrats to Dave McMillen too. He made his first trip to Lakeville Speedway this weekend and picked up the win in his first race there! I almost hate to say it but,,,, I told ya so, Dave!!!! ;-) Any way folks,, please keep Rory in your thoughts and prayers and let's hope he makes a quick return to the track.

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