Ol' #9 Has Been Parked
Date: Sunday, July 25 @ 23:53:27 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's a sad day at DFC Racing. With the way things were going in getting the car back together I made the tough decision to give it up all together. There were too many things that just weren't going to be right about the whole situation and I figured it would be best to do the sensible thing and get Ol' #9 ready for winter storage. With the help of Bill Franks, the motor is now resting on the stand waiting to be torn down and the car is ready to be put away. It sure sucks to retire such a good car this way but I didn't see any better options. I feel like we really let our fans down by doing this and for that I apologize, but I must tell you it wasn't an easy decision to make. If the season wasn't almost over I would have had a few more options but time is quickly running out on this season. I can still look forward to helping out our fellow racers the rest of the season to keep me busy I guess. Speaking of those fellow racers, a HUGE congrats goes out to Dave McMillen for his kickass run in the B-Main last night!! It's sure as hell not easy taking a win away from a veteran like Fred Snyder, but Dave managed to pull it off. Fine Job Dave!! Rory Reed had to settle for 3rd in the feature but that's nothing to sneeze at by any means. I'm just glad to see him up and moving around better now. He'll surely make it back to the winner's circle soon. We're all pulling for ya Rory!! Anyway,,, I'm gonna go pout some more,,,,,see ya'all at the track. ;-)

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