Good News & Bad News
Date: Sunday, August 08 @ 22:00:38 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I'll start out with the best news of all. Our good buddy and fellow racer, Randy Pollock, got married this weekend on August 7th. That just happened to be the very same day that my wife and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. Congrats Randy, and I hope you'll be as happy as I am 6 years later and beyond!! Now that you've got the wedding out of the way, get yer ass back out to the track would ya?? ;-) Now for the bad news. It looks like another DFC member has parked his car for the season. Dave McMillen took a pretty wild ride into the front stretch wall at WCS last weekend. The wall refused to give an inch so the car took all the abuse. We tried a couple different options to get him back out there right away but no such luck. He's decided to park the #17 car and focus on plans for next season. It's a damn shame to see his season end this way while running 10th in the points. He's had some awesome runs this year including a win at Lakeville in his very first race there, and another win that he took away from veteran Fred Snyder at WCS. Not bad for a guy that came from asphalt just a couple years ago huh? Be sure to check out Dave's new website for the latest news and such at McMillen Racing. Well, that's all the news I've got for now folks but stay tuned cuz ya just never what might happen next around here.

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