Bad Way To End A Season
Date: Wednesday, September 01 @ 10:08:38 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Just when I was thinking of giving the folks at WCS an "attaboy" award for their first season, they pulled some shit that changed my mind in one phone call. Ya see, things were bad enough when Ol' #9 got put away early this year, and Dave McMillen suffered the same fate weeks later, none of which could be blamed on anybody at WCS. But being racers without toys, we soon starting thinking about next season. That lead Bill and I to look into getting the late model out for some testing before the snow flies. Bill talked over these plans with Ernie Coffman in person and was told to get busy on it for the 2 test days at the end of the season he planned to have. Bill made it clear that we needed to be assured of these test days before spending the time and money it would take to get the car ready even for some limited track time. He was basically told to "get er done", and we did, after thrashing quite a bit and spending some serious cash. After seeing that WCS had decide to cancel the rescheduled race from this past week we started to get a bit nervous so Bill called Ernie to confirm our test days. He was told that they were cancelled too but we were welcome to bring the car out for their big event this weekend and at least hotlap it. Umm,,,,gee thanks!! I'm not only bitching for our own cause either. What about the others that got their last chance to run WCS this year taken away? It sure sounds familiar doesn't it? Last year they ended the season early "due to lack of interest". Now I know that Ernie doesn't control weather around here and that "shit happens" but I don't see any snow in the forcast anytime soon so why back out of a promise? As I said at the beginning, for their first season as owners, these folks didn't do so bad throughout the season other than starting to enforce rules and then dumping the idea weeks later. Hell, we're used to that at WCS anyway, but to tell a team to get busy to get a car together so they can test it, and then take away the test time, is just plain wrong. These things aren't cheap to build ya know. Anyway I guess I've let our little surprise slip out now. I had hoped to surprise a few folks with the late model this year but now ya all know about it. Oh well,,I'm over it. Now that it's out, I'd like to thank some of the folks that helped us get the car ready. Of course Dave McMillen was around whenever we needed him and rounded up some parts for us. George and Deb Delaney were the first to help us out with a donation of some used tires. We also picked up quite a selection of tires from Dean and Chet Alexander. Dean has even offered to set the car up for us tomorrow, and we sure as hell aren't gonna pass that up. Since I've always considered him to be the "God Of Dirt Tracking" and this is one of his old cars, who better to help us get a good start? Another familiar face has been around quite a bit lately too to lend a hand and that would be Randy Pollock. I'm happy to tell you that Randy plans to help us with our testing this year and has been offered the driver's seat for the 2005 season. He has accepted the offer which makes all of us involved VERY happy. Welcome aboard Randy!! Now back to that testing. Once again, Lakeville Speedway has offered to help us out when WCS has let us down. They've offered us some testing time down there and we're working on a schedule that works for all of us. Those folks down there are a great example of what race track owners can and should be like. THANKS Bob and Judy!! It ain't snowing yet and there's plenty of racing left at one of the best race tracks in the area. Get yer asses down to Lakeville Speedway and enjoy it while you can. They might not give away cars or anything, but they ALWAYS take care of the racers and their fans!

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