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Date: Thursday, September 09 @ 21:21:41 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

So now all you folks out there know we have late model plans for the 2005 season, but they just got even better. Dean Alexander turned us onto a deal that we just couldn't pass up. He told us that Allen Baker was looking to sell his car and within hours we were in his shop looking it over. I tell ya, once that Bill Franks gets excited about something, there's no stopping him. Before we left there we had come to the conclusion that it just made more sense to bring the whole damn car, motor and all, back home and that's just what we did. With Allen's help we hauled home a competitive late model that's ready to hit the track right now. He wanted to make sure everything was right before it left and that says alot about the guy. He's even offered to help us out as much as he can next season to give us a decent start. THANKS Allen!! We have no illusions of picking up right where he left off as far as success, but we do know we should be off to a good start now. We'll be getting in some testing down at Lakeville soon and if all goes well, we may just try a night of racing before the snow flies. I'm not sure exactly what we'll be up to this winter, but we sure hope to make the best of the decent weather while it lasts. You can find some pics of both late models in the gallery if you haven't already seen them. Also, I'll probably be posting the first late model up for sale on the web soon, so if you're looking to get into a late model at a VERY reasonable price, contact me soon. You could get started in late model racing right now for less money than it would take to get a pure stock on the track. Hell, the whole car is priced much less than many pure stock guys have in their motor!! The car can be bought with or without the motor, or any other way you desire. It will not be offered as cheap elsewhere so if you're interested at all, now is your chance. Don't get caught snoozing on this deal!

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