Congrats To Rory Reed!!
Date: Sunday, September 19 @ 22:00:19 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Whew!! The championship chase is finally over for Rory Reed. After all but killing his hopes of a double championship season with a nasty roll over at WCS, the guy just never gave up. He was never able to make up for his loss of points that night at WCS, but you sure as hell can't say he didn't try. Rory was back on the track the very next week and pulled off the heat race win that night even though he could barely stand up on his own. Now that's a real racer!! Rory never lost sight of his goal of winning at least one championship this year and it finally paid off last night at Lakeville Speedway. After some major trouble in the heat race, he was able to start the feature to clinch his championship for the 2004 season. Way to go Rory and crew!! From talking to Rory this season I know just how much this meant to him and I'm happy to see a champion that actually earned it the hard way. If I know Rory like I think I do, he wouldn't have enjoyed winning it as much in any other way. Some past champions at WCS might not understand that, but real racers do. It's not about running away with every race. It's about racing hard and clean to do your best every week. No matter where you may finish. Hats off to ya, Rory and crew. You done good and we at DFC Racing salute you! By the way, it was sure nice to see nearly a full field of pure stocks down there last night too. Well, there's one car down there that I don't think anybody would mind going away, but other than that it was great to see. I guess there's gotta be at least one asshole in the bunch. 99% of the class put on a damn good show. (I bet ya thought I was gonna say something else;-) The folks at Lakeville were kind enough to invite the pure stocks back for next season so let's see if we can't get them a full field and then some. They've even offered to raise the payouts if they get enough cars and that's something you'll probably never see happen at WCS. Let the folks at Lakeville know you appreciate this kind of stuff. See ya next week at the Blowout!!!!

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