Time To Get Busy Again
Date: Wednesday, February 09 @ 00:30:23 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Racing season is creaping up on us quickly now and it's time to get things ready for the track. Since there's more work needed on the truck and trailer than the race car, we'll save the car for last. We're planning on ordering the lettering soon though so we need to round up our sponsors for the 2005 season. If you're interested, please contact me soon so we can get your lettering ordered. We plan to have everything ready in time for one of the early practice days at WCS if all goes well. Since we've only tried the car at Lakeville, I'm pretty anxious to turn a few laps at WCS with it. We're also happy to announce that the #45 car of Denny Shear is back home and awaiting the motor and paint. It was a blast working with those guys and I think they'll have a strong season this year. In case you haven't heard, they will be a 2 car team this season, with Jeff Facemire piloting a car that should seem very familiar to most WCS or Lakeville racers and fans. It's even won a track championship recently. ;-)

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