Moving Right Along
Date: Sunday, March 13 @ 20:45:11 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We've finally got a good start on getting the car ready for the new season. Last weekend the car was jacked up and inspected for any parts in need of replacement. It's not like we needed to rebuild the car or anything, but there were some worn parts and some changes we wanted to make. Thanks to the great service of Dave Poske's Performance Parts, everything was here the very next day. Those folks are AWESOME!! The new parts are installed already and we're waiting for the new lettering to arrive. While we're waiting, we'll get the motor back together and fired up. It will sure feel good to hear that noise and smell those fumes again after such a long winter. There's still plenty of work to do to the truck and trailer but hell, we don't race either of those, so they can wait. Oh wait,, how would we get the car to the track?? Ahhh, dammit, I guess we better get busy on those things too. Don't worry folks, we'll be there when the track opens. There may be some news on the yellow car soon too, but we'll see how things turn out. Stay tuned.............

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