Looking Good!!
Date: Monday, March 21 @ 21:42:40 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We got alot done this weekend and things are really starting to come together. Justin Chance of Innovative Graphics came over and put the new lettering on the car for us Saturday. DAMN, he's good! Not only was he done in no time, but the car looks great. THANKS Justin!!! We managed to install the rest of the new parts on Sunday which only leaves the motor to finish up. We hope to have it fired up by the end of the week if all goes well. I've put some new pics in the gallery so you can see Justin's handy work. You'll find them in the "Under Construction" album, formerly known as "Rebuilding". In other news, it was sure nice to see the new payout schedule at WCS for the 2005 season. It's not like we race to make money, but it should help some folks make it worth while to keep doing what they love to do, RACING!!! I don't always agree with some of their ideas, but this one I have to go along with. Nice move WCS.

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