Let The Fun Begin!!
Date: Sunday, April 17 @ 10:05:48 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

The wait is over and we finally got to hit the track at WCS for a bit of practice. It was well worth the wait. While things didn't go all that smoothly with the way practice was run, we actually had more success than we expected in just one night of practice. Since the night was shortened due to lack of organization at the track, Randy was the only one of us that got to try out the new toy, but that was the most important part of our practice plans. We wanted to make sure he got comfortable in the car, and that we could make the car work best for him. I think we accomplished that by the end of the night. The first couple runs weren't perfect but we didn't expect them to be. They were actually better than we expected for a new driver in a late model. I've seen much worse from folks that have more experience over the years. The later sessions were much better, and the very last time out was just plain SWEET! Now, I'm not going to go bragging, because we still have alot of learning to do, and we have no plans of kicking ass, but that last session certainly showed that Randy has what it takes to pilot this thing. With a bit of seat time, I think he could drive any damn thing he wanted to try. If we manage to keep improving from where we left off last night, and I'm sure we'll need to, this season could be even more fun than we expected. I'm sure there are plenty of rough nights ahead of us, but we'll deal with them as the come. Between those rough nights though, things could be pretty damn exciting. Let's go RACING!!

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