What An Opening Night!
Date: Sunday, May 08 @ 11:30:56 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We were starting to think that we'd never get to run at WCS, but we finally got our opening night in last night. Now we may be hoping for rain the next couple of weekends so we can get the car back together. Yes, it's pretty ugly. That's alright though because the excitement from last night should last us a while. We got off to a very late start and Randy was in the last group to qualify so the track was pretty well used by the time he went out. That didn't stop him from putting down a pretty impressive qualifying time. He managed to qualify better than some pretty stout competition on only his first night out. He started 6th in the first heat race with some of the best cars out there, inlcuding the likes of Alexander, Bond, Gentry, Coffman, and others. We figured that he'd be lucky to run with even a couple of them but he actually started moving forward from the drop of the green. He got a bit flustered and bobbled it in turns 1 and 2 and gave up some ground but fought his way back to finish 6th. All of this while still just trying to get a couple consistent laps put together. What will happen when this kid gets completely comfortable with the car?? I thought we would see that in the B-Main and we kinda did. From his 5th starting spot he quickly jumped into 4th and was looking for more right away. Just when it looked like he was going to make the move into 3rd, the car got away from him in turn 4 and he was lucky that the entire field got around him. That put him on the tail of a very long line and I figured that he'd just ride it out from there, and be happy with his performance. But this kid is HUNGRY! He wasted no time slicing his way forward and I starting thinking he might just make it back to the transfer spot of 4th. He was sure determined to try but it wasn't meant to be. He got out of shape in turn 1 and this time he wasn't so lucky. He got drilled pretty hard, and that was the end of the fun for the night. We've got alot of work to do now and it may take some time to get the car back to where it was but it will sure be worth it. Remember that our only goal was to make one feature this season. Randy showed that we should be capable of that, and more, in just one night. Until the spin, it was hard to believe that this kid is just a rookie in a lil' spec motor powered, "outdated/leaf spring" late model. DAMN!!! I'm sure that he'll make more mistakes, and so will the rest of us, but that's to be expected. We're more than happy with the start we got to this season and hopefully we'll pick up right where we left off when we get back out there. Only time will tell...........

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