So Much For Our Goal For The Year!
Date: Sunday, May 22 @ 10:18:39 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

What started out to look like a pretty rough night turned into sweet success before it was all over. Our qualifying run was just plain ugly and we figured we might be in serious trouble getting the car dialed in again. With a bit of guidance from Dean Alexander himself, we were able to turn things around quite quickly. He offered suggestions for both the car and driver and when Dean talks, you better pay attention. We can't thank you enough Dean!! Randy was once again in the first heat with a very stout lineup and we didn't expect much from his 10th starting position. He managed to pick up a spot but we were heading for the B-Main. He started 10th in the B-Main and needed to get to 5th place for a transfer into the A-Main. Randy wasted no time moving forward and once he could see 5th place, he knew he just had to have it. He took it from 7th place on a restart but ended up giving it back on the same lap. That just made him want it more, and the damn kid took it back the hard way on the final lap coming to the stripe! Not only did he drive his ass off for that spot, but he ran a very smooth and clean race while doing it. Randy has always been one of the best I've seen at getting everything he can from a race car and he showed it last night. Attaboy Randy!! Well, now that he accomplished our season goal in just his second night out, we figured he'd be happy to make a few laps in the feature and load the car up saving it for another night. But nooooo,, I told you this kid is hungry. He did take it pretty easy in the feature, staying out of trouble, but he also managed to move up a few spots and finish the entire feature without a scratch. For some reason, possibly due to some confusion about a passing flag, his 16th place finish was shown as 19th. Randy talked to the winner about the matter and Eric "Spud" Meyers himself said Randy did just fine. Spud did give him a "love tap" to let him know he was there and when he needed to make the pass, he did so without a problem. The scoring problem may also have something to do with the fact that we got a defective transponder to replace our original defective one. Hell, at least this new one lights up. ;-) At any rate, we're more than happy with the way the night turned out. I've got to mention that the support shown to us by so many other teams, and others, including Bill from Thrifty Muffler, means the world to us. THANKS folks!! Bill told me last night that I need to come up with another goal since we've accomplished our first one so soon. I'll work on that and get back to ya. Right now I just want to enjoy the success of the first goal for a while. ;-) Now this doesn't mean that we expect smooth sailing from here on. We know there's plenty of rough nights ahead and plenty of very strong competition every week. It's pretty tough just to make a feature at WCS and I'm just tickled that we've made one already. Way to go Randy. THANKS again everybody for all your support!!

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