Busy Night Pays Off!!
Date: Sunday, June 05 @ 10:02:05 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's been a while since I can remember such a busy night in the pits, but it was all worth it in the end. The track was a bit different from what we've been used to out there so we may have been a bit off early in the night but by the time the B-Main started, we had made some new friends, got some new tires, and made the right changes. We didn't get the new tires on in time for the B-Main, but that wouldn't keep Randy from a solid 4th place finish, which put him in his second feature of the season. Yes, the young fella did it again!! I'm afraid that we might just get used to this if he keeps this up. He also almost shot down my next goal for him last night before I could even announce it. I figured a top 10 in a feature should be enough of a goal to keep him busy for a while, but his 13th place finish last night had me rethinking that idea. I'm going to stick with that goal for now but I won't be too surprised if/when he pulls it off. He's actually getting pretty comfortable in the car now and he looked very smooth all night. He's been able to keep his head even while fighting for every position he can get, and this hasn't gone un-noticed. Not only have we've gotted some great comments from the competition, but he's caught the eye of some pretty important and generous folks out there. All I'm allowed to say at this time is THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, to our new "friends". We even had some extra help in the pits last night when it counted and we couldn't have done it without them either. Thanks Brad, Matt, Dean, Chet and all the rest of you that pitched in when things got crazy. The support from other teams and crews means the world to us. Now if we can just keep improving every week, and stay out of trouble, who knows what we might accomplish. Stay tuned.......

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