Quite A Weekend
Date: Tuesday, June 28 @ 10:31:55 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I'm not sure which was hotter this weekend, the racing action or the temperatures. Mother Nature worked on baking us with sunshine all weekend and WCS worked on putting on a great program. While the track may have taken a bit too much abuse on Sunday, the rest of the show was something I'll never forget. The Hall Of Fame program was just plain cool! It was awesome to see some of my childhood heros out there being honored for all they've accomplished over the years. They're the ones that made racing what it is today, as far as I'm concerned. Some are even still racing, while others spend their time helping others with their own racing programs. All of them are true racers at heart. DFC Racing salutes each and every one of the Hall Of Fame members. Congrats also goes out to everybody involved in putting that program together. That was worth the 40 year wait. It sure was nice to see the parking lot overflowing on Monday night too. It took some balls to put that show on, and it looked like they got the support they were looking for. So,, just how did we do this weekend? Not so great, but we knew there would be nights like that. We failed to make the feature Saturday and Sunday, then took the wounded car home instead of running Monday night. We never really expected to make the feature against the heavy hitters that came in for the weekend, but had we been better at chasing the track conditions, we just might have been able to pull it off at least once. We know what we need to do, now we just need to get busy. We'll have our own scales this week, and that should help us put together a couple plans for situations like we ran into this weekend. The scales will also be around for those of you that were interested in buying a set, so that you can check them out in person. Email me if you'd like to bring your car up and try them out. I promise not to look at your setup notes if you don't want me to. ;-)

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