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Date: Thursday, July 21 @ 10:34:45 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Since a couple stories were lost due to the recent hack to the site, I'll try to cover some of the stuff that was lost. Let's see,, the car got put back together after the long weekend at WCS, and with the help of Bob Smith, the body is back in one piece. We went back out the track with some new springs and fresh setup on July 9th. The track was too rough to plant corn on but we survived without any major damage. Randy also managed to avoid a disaster in the feature that took a few good cars out. The featured became survival of the smoothest and the damn kid went and shot down another goal for the year by pulling off a top 10 in the feature that night. After battling for several laps, he slipped and gave up 8th place to none other than Hall Of Famer Jim Gentry, on the last corner of the last lap. He was also able to put on one hell of a show in the heat race by battling with Blaine Aber lap after lap, with Randy coming out on top in the end. Hats off to the veterans for making it all good clean fun all night. What a night it was!! Oh yea,, since the kid keeps shooting down my goals, I had to come up with another new one. This time I want a WIN. Now I don't expect a win in the A-Main just yet (don't be silly), but I think shooting for a win in a heat race or B-Main should keep him busy for the rest of the season. Go ahead Randy, prove me wrong again. ;-)

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