Right Back At It
Date: Sunday, July 24 @ 23:50:10 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

After a week off thanks to Mother Nature, we got back to racing last night. We tried a setup for Qualifying that didn't quite work with the track conditions, but it's an option for a better track. Starting in the back of the heat race wasn't gonna be fun and we were heading for another B-Main. The starting spot wasn't any better and Randy needed to get to 4th to transfer to the feature. We made a slight adjustment that seemed to work well and with Randy's desire to make it to the front, things were looking pretty damn good. While working his way forward, he made contact with another car and ripped up the front of the car a bit. The fender brace was bent into the back of the tire, limiting his turning a bit and a few laps later, he took a strange looking spin. While stopped on the track he asked the track workers to take a look at the damage and they spotted the bent brace. They were told by flagman Eddie Fredricks, that they weren't allowed to bend it out of the way so our night was done. Gee, thanks Eddie! I guess it must depend on who you are when it comes to that decision since we've all seen track workers including Eddie himself, bending and removing parts of cars so the racers could continue. Instead of getting a chance to race our way into the feature, they towed a car off the track that had no more than minor sheetmetal/bracing damage. Just doesn't seem right to me. At least there isn't much work to do before we hit the track again.

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