Night Of Ups & Downs
Date: Monday, August 01 @ 10:42:10 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Let me say this first. I have promoted and stood up for Wayne County Speedway all season. I honestly want to think they want the best for all drivers and fans, but this week has got me steaming. We all know that dirt tracks can get a bit ugly at times but it was just plain dangerous this week. Racers on the track normally expect some danger but the fans shouldn't have to dodge bowling ball sized clumps of track flying over the fence! I witnessed this myself and there's no excuse for it at all. I was amazed that they didn't stack the field up a few times coming off turn 4 and the credit goes to the drivers for that. They did their best to put on a great show on that track surface. The track didn't play a part in our missing the feature, but I'm kinda glad we didn't make it. With only 10 cars left at the end, we would have had either a top 10 finish or a destroyed race car. I was also a bit unhappy to see track workers bending parts on cars so they could continue after we missed the feature last week because Eddie said that was not allowed on our car. I also watched as a car sat in turn one for several laps and the yellow never flew. It seems to matter alot just who you are out there. I have absolutely nothing against the top guys out there because nearly all of them have helped and encouraged us all year. They are all great folks to race with. I just think all racers should be treated equally no matter what part of the field they may happen to run in. Hell it's pretty damn tough just to make the field out there so they all deserve the same respect. Think I'm being a bit hard on the folks at WCS? I've waited this long to post this so it didn't sound like what I heard on Saturday night from other racers and fans out there. This is as close to sugar coated as I get folks. I want to see WCS succeed more than anybody, but they really have some work to do. I won't pretend to know the cure for all of this, but some of it should be pretty easy to figure out. If you want to be the biggest and the best track in the area, you need to work at it, and treat all racers the same. Alright, now on to our night of fun. A big thanks goes out to DJ Miller for all his help and information this week. This guy is a class act. Well Randy decided to break in the brand new nose during qualifying due to a minor mechanical problem I'd rather not discuss. ;-) Once the shine was off of it, he was ready to get to work. Starting near the tail in the first heat it wasn't going to be easy but he did manage to work his way to 6th, just missing the transfer spot. He was on a hell of a run at the end and one more lap might have done the trick but that's racin'. He started on the pole for the B-Main along side Jim Gentry and things looked good the first couple of laps. Randy started sliding up a bit in the corners and dropped a couple of spots. While fighting for 4th he made contact with Jeremy Canada coming off turn 2 and ended up facing the wrong way. That put him on the tail but lit a fire in Randy that we haven't seen enough of lately. That boy drove the bag off the car to work his way back up to 6th. I don't think we've ever seen him work the car that hard! I'll do my best to piss him off before each race from now on. ;-) Next week is Fan Appreciation Night out there and I hope they're all treated to some great racing on a much better surface than we saw this week. Again, I don't want to slam WCS repeatedly but the corn field track surface and BS judgements from the flagstand are getting a bit old. Come on folks, you're better than that!

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