Here We Sit (again)
Date: Saturday, May 11 @ 19:34:23 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Well here we are again,at home on a Saturday night.We worked this week to cure the brake problems and a few other things. We worked so hard,we even got a vist from the local police one night.Damn you neighbors! Today we finally mounted up those purrrrty new chrome wheels too.The good news is we fixed the brake problems and might have added a little more power.The bad news is Mother Nature decided that we shouldn't race on Mothers Day weekend.That sucks! Well,happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there,especially the newest mom of the DFC Racing fan club,Shelia DiPietro.Congrats on the new baby boy! By the way folks,are ya having trouble finding the new guestbook and forums or what? It's been awful quiet around here lately.Drop us a line so we know you're still kicking out there.;-)

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