Mother Nature Wins
Date: Monday, August 15 @ 21:56:50 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

With the season winding down quickly, we sure were looking forward to racing this weekend but it wasn't meant to be. We managed to get qualifying in and get the car ready for the heat race, but then the black clouds rolled in. Damn, that was a storm!! I was happy just to make it home in one piece through all that. Anyway, now we'll be facing Season Championship night this coming weekend and our season is about done. I sure hate to see the season end this year. This has been a blast! Speaking of having fun, I want to send out Congrats to the Dawson Racing Team for their first ever heat race win this past Friday night at Lakeville. I'm told it took seven years to get it, so I know how much that must mean to them. The first ones are always special, and much better in my mind than winning every week. Way to go Dawsons!!

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