This Is How It Ends??
Date: Sunday, August 28 @ 23:06:32 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We all know that Mother Nature has given us a raw deal lately, but she's not the only one. I understand that the owners of WCS don't control the weather, but they do control when we race when the weather permits. Nobody I've talked to can understand just what the hell they're thinking when it comes to the plans for our season championship race. The seem determined not to run one more night than they absolutely have to. It sounds like they're pretty eager to get some racing done at other tracks instead of taking care of business at home. Maybe that's an example that the rest of us should follow next season. That would free up their precious schedule to race elsewhere all season long. Think I sound bitter?? DAMN RIGHT, and I'm not the only one. For those of you that haven't heard, the plan is to make the Freedom Fighter 50 race our championship race. This is a kick in the nuts to all the weekly racers and their fans. I'm not only talking about teams like us that normally have to bust ass just to make the feature, but also the rest of the teams that have worked all year to have a shot at the championship or even just one more spot in the points. When you bring in outsiders for a larger payout, it's always tough on the regulars, but to do it on championship night is just total bullshit. This hurts ALL the weekly racers that have worked hard all year to promote WCS and put on one of the best shows on dirt each week. We don't ask for much in return, but a fair deal would be nice. I want to make it clear that after talking to Tina, I'm certain that this was none of her doing, and she'd like to make things right if given the chance. The only way things will get changed is if Ernie himself decides to do the right thing. After hearing for 2 years that the success of WCS is up to us as much as the owners of the track, I feel we've done our part. Now it's your turn Ernie. I understand the Coffman family has suffered a loss this weekend and I don't want to sound like a cold hearted kinda guy. These decisions were made well before this weekend and there's still time for them to work things out. Let's hope they do. It sure would have been nice to see somebody, anybody, representing WCS at today's hog roast to benefit Racers For Tots also. It's pretty common to see their support at this type of event and their absence was certainly noticed today. I sure hope it doesn't take an event arranged by a "top team" just to get the attention of the big shots in the racing community. The racers that showed up took it upon themselves to support a great cause. All of them showed what real racers are made of when it comes to helping others. Tim Meyers and Dave Gardiner really went above and beyond the call when it came time for the auction. A huge THANKS goes out to all of those who helped out to make the event go as well as it did. You folks are all class acts!!

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