Get Ready For The Dirt Blowout
Date: Monday, September 19 @ 10:17:02 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Yea, I know I didn't post an update after our final week of racing, and I've been nagged about it enough now. Ya see, my momma always said that if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. What could have been the best night of racing all year turned out to be the worst. Oh well, shit happens I guess. Since WCS has closed for the year, I've been making the trip to Lakeville to get my weekly racing fix. There's always plenty of action down there and the last few weeks have been a nice break from the way our season ended. All of the classes have put on quite a show lately, but the Pure Stocks stole the show this past weekend. Fred Snyder and Hiram Bachmann battled for the points championship throughout the entire feature and it was one hell of a fight. Hiram jumped into the lead early, but Fred was hot on his bumper the whole race. Fred tried everything he could, short of playing dirty, to get out front, but it just never happened. It was awesome to see a seasoned veteran and a young driver go at it so hard, and still race each other with respect. Thanks for the show guys and congrats to both of you!! Now that the points season is over down there, it's time for the event we all wait for each season. This weekend (23rd & 24th) is the 10th Annual Dirt Blowout at Lakeville. For any of you that have never witnessed this event, get your asses down to Lakeville for one great weekend of racing. There will be tons of great racing both nights so be sure to make a weekend out of it. Bob, Judy and crew work pretty hard to put on a smooth show with nearly non-stop racing throughout the entire event, like it should be done. This is one of your last chances to enjoy some dirt track racing in the area folks. Don't miss out on the fun!!!!!

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