Another Great Blowout
Date: Sunday, September 25 @ 18:48:25 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

There's a reason we wait all year for the Dirt Bowout every season. It's probably the best weekend show you'll find in the area every time, and this year was no exception. With all those classes running, there's never a boring moment. There were some awesome battles both nights, and some ugly spills too, but you'll have that at the Blowout. Even ol' #9 made a brief appearance this season. Richie was looking good for 2 laps before the rear gear came unglued. That was the end of his fun. It didn't quite seem right without John Holmes there this year, but he's had a pretty rough season this year and just couldn't make the show. All in all, it was 2 nights of fast paced action in all the classes. There was a dark cloud over the event this year though as we learned that Bob Schippers is suffering from some very serious health issues and therefore the track is for sale. Now I know some folks have had some harsh words for Bob over the years, but it's been a very long time since there's been a track owner/promoter in the area that could compare to Bob. Bob and Judy took a track that had hit rock bottom and turned it into a fan and racer friendly race track that brought quite a crowd weekly. They took some chances and made the improvements needed to turn the "dump" into a real dirt track that brings some great competition every night the gates are opened. They stuck it out for 10 years which is becoming unheard of when it comes to track owners around here. They were well on their way to building the track of their dreams. You can call Bob a stubborn, hot headed, grumpy summbitch if you want, but that man has done more for racers than any other track owner in the area for many years. When other owners broke promises to us, Bob stepped up and helped us out, and I'm sure we're not the only ones he's treated that way. He brought a couple classes to his track that failed to bring a full field for a couple seasons, yet he still kept them on the schedule, and even offered to raise the payout. I've heard some racers bitch about certain things over the years and of some of them were good points, but just compare the bad times at Lakeville to "normal conditions" at any other local track. If Lakeville was a bit closer, I'd have no reason to visit the other tracks in the area. We were told that the track wouldn't be sold to just anybody, and that a plan is in place for 2006 in case it isn't sold. That shows his dedication to the racers. Thanks for all the great times Bob, and we at DFC Racing salute you for all you've done. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family through these rough times. THANKS again!!

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