Hammering Out The Little Things
Date: Sunday, November 20 @ 10:24:01 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I was able to pick up a few needed items at the swap meet and most of them have been put on the car already. The other parts I need have been rounded up and I just need to get them here before spring. Now that the car is this far along, I'm hoping to put it away for a while and focus on some other stuff. I may still finish a few other things first, but we'll see. I've added some pics of the car in the gallery so you folks can quit yelling at me. ;-) If you want to see it in person, you better hurry cuz it's gonna be stored soon. I've also had a couple people ask me if I would sell the car, and those that know me, already know that answer. Everything I own is always for sale, so if you're serious, let's talk. Does that mean I have no plans to finish the car and run it next year? Hell NO, that's not what it means. I've just found that cash takes up less space than a race car, and I can always find another car. I've also found that if I have a race car here when it's time to racing, I get it ready and go racing. That's fine too, and that's what I've started making plans to do in the spring. Damn, spring sounds so far off doesn't it?

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