Happy Holidays From DFC Racing
Date: Sunday, December 11 @ 11:54:21 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Twas the night before Christmas,
And I was itchin' to race.
I was missin' those fuel fumes,
And dirt in my face.

It will be months though,
Before we get back on the track.
So I guess all I can do now,
Is take a look back.

When I think back
On this past racing season,
I can't help but grin.
And all for good reason.

We planned on some rough times,
And we did have those nights.
But for most of the season,
I recall some awesome sights.

The pass off turn four,
For the spot he just had to gain,
To put some young rookie,
In his first Late Model A-Main.

The battles with Aber and Gentry
Nearly brought tears to my eyes.
Hell, I remember growing up
We all worshipped those guys.

The look on Randy's face,
After completing his first feature,
Damn, I don't think I've ever,
Seen a happier creature!

He wouldn't be content,
With just one feature run.
No, he proved all season,
That we could get'er done!

Yea, we had the smallest engine,
And even an "outdated" car.
And the competition each week,
Just kept raising the bar.

Racing against the best around,
Helped us get better each night.
And they were always there to help,
If we were too loose or too tight.

With a legend like Dean Alexander,
Always willing to help out,
We were gonna move up.
There was never a doubt.

We sure had some great races,
And always played fair.
While we didn't run with the top 5,
They certainly knew we were there.

No, we never got that win
That we chased most of the season.
But I can't help but grin,
And for a damn good reason.

While some say they only
Go to win every race.
Being able to chase them down,
Puts a smile on my face.

Ya see, I don't ask for much
Just to stay safe and have fun.
It just makes it sweeter,
When we have a good run.

Stay tuned for next year folks,
There's big changes ahead.
Damn, I think I hear Santa,
I better get to bed!

Happy Holidays to all of you folks from DFC Racing!!

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