She's Gone!
Date: Tuesday, January 10 @ 12:54:25 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I know,,, it's been too damn long since the last update, but I've been a bit busy lately. I hope all you folks had a great holiday season. My holiday season was very busy and when it was over, I no longer owned a Rayburn. I'm not even sure I can explain it all, but those who know me well, can't say they're surprised. Everything I own is always for sale for the right price, and race cars are no exception. It's now in Missouri where it will be kicking up dust very soon. Good luck to ya Lanny! Now, that means I'm looking for another toy and the search has already begun. Hopefully I'll find something that I can get ready before spring but we'll see. I'm sad to hear that our buddy Chet Mullins is retiring from racing due to some health issues and I sure hope he will at least come to visit us at the track. I got some better news from Jeff Facemire this weekend and it sounds like he should be ready to hit the track this year. I'm looking forward to that. Tabby Yarnell has contacted me with some updated information on the car show she's putting together for this summer. It will be held at the Richville Community Park. It's Sunday June 11th from 12-6. This car show is a benefit car show. Half of the proceeds will go for RACERS FOR TOTS (Marines toys for tots) and the other half will go for a local 13 year old Rathynia that was dignosed with Ovarian Cancer. She will have to have chemotherapy until late June. Both are very good causes. Any driver or car owner that would like to bring their car (s) The cost is only $5.00 per car. She is still putting it all together. She plans to get a dunking booth (to dunk the driver or the driver's wife--who ever we can get in) and the V-Twin girls will be there. There will also be a contest for people to vote for their favorite car. Please send your $5.00 and your name, car number, and track name, to Tabby Yarnell at 1701 Erie Street South, Massillon, Ohio 44646. IF you want more info, you can call Tabby at 330-830-1087. She would like to know ASAP if you are bringing your car so she can get an idea of how many cars will be there. Stay tuned for more details.................

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