WCS Starts '06 With Disappointment
Date: Sunday, April 30 @ 10:22:44 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Usually when I wait a while before posting an update, it helps me to cool off a bit. This time it just let things soak in and piss me off more. I know that it seems that we're all supposed to pretend that everybody just loves the way things are going at WCS, but even the pretenders can't overlook some simple facts. Each year they seem to be running a race track for the very first time. Let's face it folks, it's time for them to get their shit together. When they can't even complete the show on opening night it's a very bad sign. You can blame the drivers or the crashes for the delays, but that's not looking at the whole picture. While not all of the delays can be blamed completely on the people running the show, it all starts with them. Getting the lineups for the races right would be a great start. Some drivers missed a chance to race a heat race because of the confusion and at least one good car went home without running a single race because of it. Now we all know that if the exact same thing happened to certain other drivers, that the outcome would have been different, and that's the root of many of the problems at WCS. I don't care how many times they repeat that all drivers are treated equally, it just can't make it true. Some are catered to, while others are shit on with a smile. This applies through every aspect of the race night on and off the track, and has always been a problem. I could go into great detail about the problems teams face there each week, but many of you witness it yourself. I don't want to beat up on my local track, but dammit, it's time to quit pretending that everything is peachy, and start fixing the problems. It's sad when a top-notch track can't squeeze a complete show in the time that others do it every week. The people paying to get in are not getting what they pay for when 2 classes don't get to run their features. They also aren't getting what they pay for when the dust is so bad they can't see the action. While I like some dirt with my fries, last night was pretty bad. That was the least of their problems last night though. I'll be sure to be there for the big show next week, partly to get what I have already paid for this week, but if they can't get their shit together soon, it will be time for me to find something better to do with my money on Saturday nights. It's tough to keep paying for something while each night you find yourself asking why you put up with the product. From the people I talked to last night, I know that I'm not alone in my thinking either. Come on WCS, make us WANT to come each week to see some good fair competition. That's all I ask.

A a much brighter note, CONGRATS go out to Denny Shear for picking up the win in his heat race. Denny lead every lap and looked damn good while doing it. Let's hope that's a sign of things to come this season. Hopefully Jeff Facemire will have better luck next week too. He broke a driveshaft in qualifying and was done for the night. Things can only get better from here right? ;-)

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