Hilltop Is BACK!
Date: Monday, May 22 @ 10:52:38 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature sure hasn't been a race fan lately but the folks at Hilltop Speedway showed some determination (balls!) in rescheduling Friday's rainout on Sunday afternoon. You just have to wonder why other tracks refuse to try that. It seemed to pay off for Hilltop and congrats to them for pulling it off. The track surface was certainly not pretty but that didn't stop them from putting on a great show. They made it clear that they knew the track wasn't great and made promises to do whatever it takes to make it better in the future. You have to blame alot of it on the recent weather, but it's nice to see a track seem so concerned about making things right. Anyway, the racing action was pretty damn good and the show went very smoothly. From all the people I talked to, it sure sounded like a great success for any track, not to mention one that just opened for the first time in 30+ years. It was kinda cool to see some of our local regulars out there as well as some cars that we're not used to seeing weekly. Even "Old Yeller" was out there in the late model class! While Jeff Facemire may have had some troubles early, it was sure great to see him complete the feature with all parts still attached to his ride for once. ;-) He said it was a good learning experience and I'd have to agree. Give the fella some seat time and I think he'll be alright. The highlight for me though was watching Rory Reed in the feature. After patiently working his way through the field, he had a flat tire on a restart and had to go to the tail with only a few laps to go. He drove his ass off (not quite as patiently) to finish 4th. Way to go Rory!! Now, I know anything less than a win pisses you off, but you gotta be proud of that run. ;-) You made a grumpy old fart like me grin a bit, and my son got a kick out of it too. All things considered, I think it was a great show, especially for a new track. Now the people getting chased away from WCS will have a place to race again. That's a long detailed story, but it sure sounds to me like the folks at WCS think they have more cars and fans than they need right now. I just hope they understand that they aren't sending people away one at a time. NO car out there brings just one person through the gate. Let's hope they do something to turn things around. Anyway, I'm probably done with racing for a couple of weeks. My "little girl" is graduating this coming weekend, and the party is the following weekend. Of all the accomplishments at the track that I've been proud of, I know they can't compare to watching her walk across that stage to get her diploma. Sure, it makes me feel a bit older, but I'll take it with a smile! Race safely and have fun til I get back out there folks.

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