Great Night To Be An Alexander!
Date: Sunday, June 11 @ 11:09:46 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I finally made the trip back out to WCS last night against my better judgement, but it turned out to be well worth the price of admission. I wanted to see Paul Holmes and Dean Alexander try out their new cars if nothing else. Well, they both struggled a bit early in the night, but Dean wasted no time getting back to the winners circle in the B-Main. It's no secret that many folks in pits got to where they are with the help of Dean over the years, but he sure was the focus of everybody on the ramp during that run. They seemed to be taking notes on every move. The old man proved once again that he's still got it, in case there was ever a doubt. One of the racers that's always had the wisdom of the old man whenever he needed it is his own son Chet, and he put it to good use last night. Not only did Chet make the quick 6 dash for the second week in a row, but he ran away with the feature too! He left some heavy hitters like Bond, Malcuit, Flory, and Duncan in his dust the whole race. Now that's the Chet Alexander I remember from not that many seasons ago. It looks like the Alexanders are BACK!

The other highlights of the night for me came in the Pure Stock class. It seems that some of the new guys out there didn't get the memo about the "Golden Child" of Pure Stocks. They didn't seem to know that you're supposed to move over and let him by, especially after he tries to bounce you out of the way. The simple rule is that you take his abuse, don't RACE with him, just let him go by, and never ever retaliate for him roughing you up. After all he has won the championship and you haven't. Not only did a couple of the new guys actually race with him and out run him, they even had the balls to give back some of the abuse that he gave them. As entertaining as that was, we can't let it go on. How will he win the championship if this keeps up? I'm sure the officials will do what they can to help out such as giving him his spot back after stopping on the track, so I guess you new guys will have to just try harder. Now I'm certainly not in favor of dirty driving, but I do believe in racing a guy as cleanly as he races you, no matter who they are. It was pure entertainment to watch him give up in the heat race so that he could pick up a win in the B-Main, and then only struggle to a 3rd place finish there instead. The icing on the cake was watching him struggle for a 10th place finish in the feature. While this is not a new experience for many guys out there, it had to seem new to him, and I LOVED it! It's hell when you have to earn every position from the tail of the field huh? :-)

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