Hilltop Rocks, WCS,,,Well Ummm,,, Not So Much......
Date: Sunday, June 18 @ 11:31:34 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It may not be fair to even compare Hilltop Speedway with WCS, with all the excitement of a "new track" that Hilltop brings, but I just can't help it. I'm sure even when the "new" wears off Hilltop, it will still come out ahead at this point. Not that long ago every other track had to bust it's ass to try to match up to WCS, but now I hope they're all struggling not to become like WCS. I know it must sound like I'm beating up on WCS alot lately, but dammit, I can't stand to see what has become of the track that I (and many others) grew up thinking of as the "premier dirt track" in the area. I truly believe that the lack of professionalism there will turn that place into a housing development if things aren't changed in a big way soon. You just can't keep chasing people away from a business due to your own actions, and expect it to thrive. There were at least 2 instances last night that brought me to that conclusion. Thankfully there are still some employees there with some integrity and the balls to try to set things straight. (Nice job sticking to the CORRECT lineup Jason!) Well, enough about the downside of my racing weekend. It was a thrill to once again see the "Golden Child" of Pure Stocks have his ass handed to him last night. I guess it really is harder than it looks to work through the field instead of racing from the front huh? :-)

Friday night was filled with some awesome racing action at Hilltop. They got off to a late start, but running a smooth show and the awesome racing action made up for it quickly. Speaking of quick, Thomas Baker set the clay on fire during qualifying, and set fast time. That's saying alot for a guy that thinks he sucks at qualifying, and he's up against the like of Markham, Myers, Peltz, and the rest of the best in the area. Baker was flyin' all night and put on one of the best shows I've seen in a long time, while battling Markham for the lead the entire feature. In the end, he just couldn't find a groove lower than Markham and had to settle for second. The entire field of the feature was action packed and we were treated to some of the best drivers in the area doing what they do best. Not making the feature, but putting on quite a show was the daughter of racing legend, John Mason. That young lady will be somebody to watch in the future for sure!

To top off the night, the Pure Stock feature ended with a good friend of DFC Racing in the winner's circle. Vern Siegrist picked up his very first feature win of his career. Vern has really stepped it up the past couple of seasons, and it seemed like only a matter of time before he pulled this off. The wait is finally over, and I hope the next one isn't too far away. Way to go VERN!!

See Ya'all at the Hill on Friday!

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