Local Tracks Making Some Changes
Date: Wednesday, June 21 @ 23:12:09 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Gee, you'd think there was some sort of competition betweeen the area tracks to get the racers and fans to come to their tracks or something. I see that Lakeville is welcoming the Pure Stock class to run with their Super Stock class starting this Friday. This only seems to make sense to me since the Super Stocks have evolved from Cruisers to basically a Pure Stock the past couple of years. This should give some Pure Stocks that aren't particularly happy with WCS one more option to get their racing fix. I know that Hilltop seems to be filling that spot for now , so I hope it works out alright for both tracks involved.

I also noticed that Hilltop is welcoming the Mini Trucks now. That could get interesting if more teams aren't building trucks right now since Lakeville doesn't have a bunch of them just yet. Maybe I'll have to put one of these things together or something.

The changes that really have me baffled are the ones proposed by WCS. They hope to make changes to speed up the show. The first change will be to qualifying with more cars on the track at one time. I just can't see that putting 12 Mini Stocks out there at once is going to speed up the show. The B-Mains will be 10 laps or 10 minutes for Late Models and Modifieds, and 8 laps or 8 minutes for the other classes. Well if going to a 6 car Dash and making car counts in the heats look like B-Mains didn't cause enough people to drive like idiots, this should surely do the trick. Now if you start at the tail of a B-main in the Late Models or Mods, you have 2 less laps or will be limited by time, to get to the top 4 or so. Yea,, that should go smoothly!! All of these changes are being made in hopes that they can start later and still finish on time. Huh??!! When you have trouble getting the show in before curfue now, I can't believe they'd have the guts to try to start later. I guess since they've witnessed other tracks get a show run smoothly and quickly, they figure it must be pretty easy so they can do it too. I'd much rather see them make some changes in attitude around there, and quit chasing people away than mess with the rest of this stuff. Ahhh hell,, what do I know? ;-)

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