Calling All Pure Stocks!!!!!!
Date: Monday, July 03 @ 01:13:50 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Hey Pure Stock drivers, when was the last time a track appreciated your class enough to make you the "headlining class" of the night? Can't remember that happening? I didn't think so. Not only does Hilltop Speedway appreciate your awesome racing action, and a 26 car field last Sunday enough to make you the headliners, they raised the purse to $500 to win on Mid-Season Championship night this Friday, July 7th!! Now it's your turn to show your appreciation and get down there to take a shot at that $500. I know that Friday night is tough on many racers, but since they start fairly late, I'll just bet you can make it. Besides, are you really saving your car for another track that treats you like a redheaded stepchild? ;-) After years of watching this class being ignored or worse, it's great to see a track owner that has come from the bottom up in racing. He seems to know that EVERY class is equally important, and he knows what it takes to put one of these particular cars on the track each week. If you've already been to Hilltop, you know that the competition is better and more even than any place else right now. If you haven't raced there yet, give it a try and I'll bet you're hooked from then on. This past Friday the crowd at Hilltop actually spilled over into the pitside stands, and that's just plain awesome. Wouldn't it be great to show your stuff in front of that kind of crowd? You've waited long enough for your night in the spotlight. Get down there and get yourself a piece of the action. I even heard that a past Pure Stock Champion may "borrow" a ride to take a shot at that $500. Will any other past or future Champions show up? ;-)

Let's also not forget that Lakeville is having a special show on Tuesday night. Not only are you Pure Stocks welcomed there, it should be a great show for everybody. I haven't been there much lately, but I hope to see ya there Tuesday night!

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