Mother Nature Can't Silence Hilltop
Date: Sunday, July 16 @ 23:37:11 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Friday night the humidity and the first storm was enough to put a damper on the fun at Hilltop, but the second storm chased everybody out of there in a hurry! You really have to hand it to the crew there though for getting the track ready enough to squeeze in a few races before the second storm blew in. They scheduled the remainder of the show for today and Mother Nature tried her best to cook us, but the action on the track was even hotter than the temperature. Sure the track crew had their hands full trying to keep the track in decent shape in that blazing sun, but they pulled it off like veterans. The racers were able to do what they do best, and that's put on a great show. While there wasn't much of a battle for the Late Model win, there were tons of battles throughout the entire field behind Doug Drown. The 3 way battle between Markham, Gentry, and Baker was just plain awesome! You would have thought they were all fighting for the win, but nobody was gonna catch Drown today.

The modified feature had it's share of tight battles too, and once again one of the best battles was for the lead right up to the checkered flag. Rory Reed put on quite a show while coming from his 21st starting position.

The Pure Stocks might not have had the car count from last week but there was plenty of excitement. Frank Oriti pulled off the win, but Fred Snyder gave it one hell of a shot by coming back from getting a tire knocked off his car. Denny Shear spent his share of time battling up front also while Jeff Facemire worked his way as high as 5th place at one time. Jeff had a strong run in the heat, but had his hands full trying to keep the car pointing the right way in the feature and it finally bit him late in the race, forcing him to head for the trailer.

It was good to see Brandon Craver return to Hilltop this week and the kid ran away with his heat race once again. He had a great run in the feature from starting on the tail, but had some trouble on the last lap and ended up in the infield. I guess that just means that he'll have to come back next week to prove that he can win a feature at Hilltop. See ya there folks!!

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