Now I'm Pissed Off,,,,,,,Again!
Date: Wednesday, July 26 @ 10:34:50 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

After a pretty strong run last Friday at Hilltop, I was eager to see Jeff Facemire get some more seat time and try a couple things with the car. It seemed like a great idea to go to the practice last night at WCS to accomplish these things too. I should have known better I guess. Once again they proved that certain classes are more important than others and that anybody not in a Late Model is treated like a dog.
If anybody should doubt this, they can check to see all of the laps turned by any car there with a transponder. For an example, Trevor Philips turned in 77 laps while most Pure Stocks averaged 30 laps, and none got more than 35. Even Clint Coffman, who showed up after the Pure Stocks had run once, turned in 55 laps. By the time Jeff was lined up for the third time out, some Late Models had been out 5 times. While waiting in line with the other Pure Stocks, they moved them back to let some more Late Models out AGAIN! When I brought this to the attention of Ernie, he seemed shocked and basically was then forced to let the Pure Stocks go out finally. That was the last time any Pure Stocks got onto the track though even with plenty of time left to practice. When the Pure Stocks lined up the next time, everybody from the track ran and hid, ignoring even a track employee that was waiting to hit the track with his car. I guess with all of the other crap going on out there lately, I shouldn't have expected any better from WCS, but dammit, we all paid the same to practice. Basically for the Pure Stocks, it cost double the normal pit pass price to turn the same amount of laps as a regular race night. Oh, but we did get to see plenty of Late Model action though so I guess we should feel lucky or something. You all know that I love the Late Models and all but fair is fair, and WCS has never had a great concept of that word. Thanks for the reminder of why I (and many others) haven't been going to WCS lately.

Now, back to the real racing of the past week. Once again the action was hot at Hilltop and I just can't believe the show that the Modifieds have been putting on every week down there. The battle for the win has been awesome every week lately and decided by inches at times. I'm not even a big fan of the Modifieds, but they've got me watching every race now! As I said earlier, Jeff is slowly getting comfortable with the car and turned in an impressive second place finish in his heat race. Mechanical problems ended his fun in the feature early though, but that has been fixed. Denny Shear has earned a new nick name, Mr. Consistent, by bringing the 45 car home in 5th for the feature. Thanks Ken for the new name. ;-) Denny has really stepped things up a bit this season and is currently 2nd in the points at Hilltop. Another highlight of the night was seeing Randy Pollock finally hit the track with his new toy. He admittedly still has some bugs to work out, but he was able to make the feature by finishing 3rd in the B-Main. Not too shabby for the first race night with a new ride. Speaking of new toys, Rory Reed was testing his at WCS last night and I look forward to seeing it in action at Hilltop this week. Give 'em hell Rory!!

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