Yet Another Weekend Of HOT Racing Action!
Date: Monday, July 31 @ 21:55:55 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature has always seemed to try her best to screw up the racing season by wiping race nights from the schedule. She's not used to dealing with a race track like Hilltop though. When the rains rolled in on Friday night, there was no doubt in my mind that they would do whatever they could to get the show in. They made one hell of an attempt at running the track in as soon as the rain let up. While they finally had to give up when the rains returned, they sure as hell provided some entertainment while they were out there. Can you picture a track owner borrowing a Bronco and heading out onto a greasy banked track? Others soon followed and the fun began. Nice try guys, and thanks for the laughs. They even managed to keep a decent track for a day race on Sunday. Some folks might say it was just too damn hot to race on Sunday. Well I've seen times when it was too hot to screw,,, but too hot to race??? ;-) Judging by the car count, I'd say there were plenty of folks that were willing to give it a try (racing that is). Even Hall Of Famer Jim Gentry survived the heat.

The track was great Friday night before the rains and the action was awesome as always. Denny Shear had some tough luck in the heat race and planned to borrow the #18 car for the feature. The rescheduled features allowed him to get his car ready in time, only to fall victim again to almost the same mess in Sunday's feature. While it was nice to see Paul Holmes finally show up at Hilltop, what happened with him and Denny was pretty shitty. At least Denny had a strong run in the make-up feature, I guess. Jeff Facemire had his own share of "ugly" on Friday night but he seemed to learn from the experience. Sunday was much better even though he's still not where he wants to be just yet. Give it time, and things will improve quicker than you think. It was nice to see Fred Snyder climb out of his recent slump and pick up another feature win.

The ironman award of the weekend has to go out to Corey Conley. Not all drivers were eager to climb into a race car in the blazing heat on Sunday, but he jumped straight from his late model into a modified, not once, but twice. To top it off, he won 3 out the 4 features he was in. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget the Midgets come back to Hilltop this Friday night. No,, not a bunch of short people,,, the mini sprint cars!! ;-)

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