We Finally Race Again (kinda)
Date: Sunday, May 26 @ 00:09:59 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature finally let us hit the track again and we got to see what the changes we made to the car weeks ago would do.We're getting there folks.The car was plenty loose in hot laps so we made a few more adjustments for the heat race.Richie started dead last in 9th but wasted no time at all back there.He was up to 5th on the first lap and before long was battling for 3rd.He decided to run a smart race since he was already in a transfer spot and settled for 4th when it was over.When he went to redraw for his feature spot he drew the pole! I knew then that we were in trouble since every stinking time he draws a good number we get rained out.Sure enough,the sky opened up before we could line up for the feature.Damn you Mother Nature! We will get to run that feature the next time we race so all is not lost.This just gives us more time to make a few more changes.At least we know we're headed in the right direction.We'd like to congratulate Randy Pollock on his second win of the season tonight in the B-Main.Nice run Randy!(show-off;-) On a more somber note,our thoughts and prayers go out to the Scarbrough family.Things like that just aren't supposed to happen at a race track.

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