I Think I Know What AMRA Means....
Date: Monday, August 14 @ 00:09:52 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

After trying to watch the Modified feature this week at Hilltop, I'm thinking that AMRA must stand for Another Messy Restart Again. Damn guys, when they say that any car in the field has a chance to win, they don't mean you can win it from the drop of the green!! To be fair, some of the local drivers share the blame for that mess of a race, but at any rate, I'm not the only one that walked away and lost interest before they ever got 5 laps in. What should have been one of the best races of the season turned out to be a wreckfest that tore up plenty of equipment, and hurt plenty of feelings. What a shame! The highlight of the whole mess was watching Corey Conely pulling off the win, right after winning the Late Model feature. Way to go Corey,,,,again!!

Enough about the ugliness of Friday night. This week was very special for the folks at Hilltop, as they honored Jeff's late father with the first anual Jack E. Norris Memorial event. It seemed like quite a success by the looks of the crowd, and the number of cars in the pits. What a great turnout folks. Even John Holmes made the trip to Hilltop for the first time and pullled off a 5th place finish in the feature, while Paul Holmes battled his way to 3rd. Nice job Old Man! Earlier in the night Jeff Facemire put on one hell of a show by finishing 2nd to veteran Fred Snyder in his heat race, while folks like Craver, Shear, and others had to settle for chasing the front two. HOT DAMN that was fun to watch! After a run like that, we were all anxious to see what Jeff had up his sleeve for the feature but we'll have to wait until next week. A junk water pump kept him from even starting the feature. If he can pickup where he left off this week, things could get pretty exciting. Other than the Modified feature, the whole night was filled with the hot racing action we've come to expect at Hilltop and the track held up pretty damn well. I do have a couple pounds of race track that I took home with me and plan to return to Jeff Norris as promised though. ;-)

In other racing news,,,,,,, Legendary asphalt Super Late Model driver, and good friend, Mike Miller had yet another ugly weekend this week. This is the second time in about a month that he brought home alot less car than he took to the track. For those that don't know Mike, he's one of the best racers I've ever known at doing more with less, and that's why I actually enjoy helping him whenever I can. It sure is a bit different working on one of those damn asphalt cars though. They're too damn clean for one thing! He's on his way to yet another championship this season and it couldn't happen to a better guy. Speaking of championships, Mike's own father won the Late Model championship at WCS in 1966, one night after winning the championship at Barberton Speedway. How's that for a family tradition of winning???!! Give 'em hell Mike!!!

Our best goes out to Larry Kugel after what can best be described as a bizarre accident at WCS Saturday night. I hope to see him back out at the track as soon as possible.

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