Time Limits And Cheaters DQ'd At Hilltop!
Date: Sunday, August 27 @ 21:35:19 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Corey Conely said it best in his interview after winning the Modified feature. "It shouldn't take an hour to run 20 laps!" I've never been much of a fan of time limits, but it's time to do something to keep from pissing of the great crowd that shows up each week at Hilltop. It will hopefully get the attention of a few drivers out there that seem to drive over their head a bit too often lately. We all understand that shit happens on any given night that can slow things down, but repeated spins and wrecks by a handful of cars is getting old. The folks at Hilltop have worked too damn hard all season at putting on the best show in the area to let this type of thing ruin it for them. They've decided that there will now be time limits on the races to keep the show moving smoothly. As I said, I'm not much of a fan of time limits, but this is a very smart move if you ask me. Ahh hell,,, nobody ever asks me anyway. ;-)

There's been alot of talk in the pits lately about the Pure Stock class and the folks stretching the rules a bit too far. Believe it or not, I actually had nothing to do with it this time! No really. It seems that somebody finally wants to enforce the rules and try to level the playing field for once. That "somebody" is Hilltop Speedway apparently. Most of you know that I've done my share of bitching over the years about what has become of the Pure Stock class, but no other track has really seemed to give a shit as long as the fast cars keep coming back. I decided to give Hilltop the benefit of the doubt for their first season and have never brought the subject up with them. I guess I don't need to. Now, I don't figure they'll get "Tech Nazi" crazy about things, or even find all of the infractions, but they are looking at least. The winner of the feature this week was disqualified after finding that he had 10" wheels instead of the required 8" wheels. This sends a clear message that they will be looking things over, and you will not get away with the win if caught cheating. Hat's off to the tech crew and if ya ever need a hand in your search for "stretched rules", just let me know. I think I have a list around here someplace. ;-)

While we're tipping hats, how about "Mr. Consistent", Denny Shear pulling off yet another top 3 finish! Jeff Facemire sure looked like he would end up with a top 3 for himself too but a rut knocked his right front tire off the rim and he had to retire early. It sure has been fun lately watching Denny and Jeff racing together too. Now let's see who's hungrier next week. ;-)

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