Things Are Winding Down....But It Ain't OVER!!
Date: Tuesday, September 05 @ 13:31:41 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

This weekend was a big one for area dirt racers and fans. Wayne County and Hilltop worked together to put on a weekend show that offered some great payouts and awesome racing action. It's good to see tracks working together and hats off to Lakeville for changing their schedule to let this all work out too. Friday night the crowd was thin, and the track was pretty damn ugly but that didn't stop the racers from putting on a great show. While Aukland had the Late Model field covered, Casebolt put on one hell of a show trying to run him down. DAMN, he was working that car!! The Pure Stock feature was pretty heated and Vern Siegrist pulled off the win. We all know who ran away with the Mini Stock feature so I'll leave it at that. ;-)

Hilltop added extra seating and parking for their Sunday show, and they needed all of it. What a crowd!! It was sad to see that a handful of them were either too drunk or too stupid to understand the rules and made asses of themselves bitching about what happened to JR Gentry in the B-Main. Thankfully, the man behind the wheel, and his hall of fame father fully understood the situation and kept their cool. Sure they weren't happy about missing the win and a shot in the feature, but rules are rules. Jim even told me that it impressed him that the rules apply to EVERYBODY at Hilltop, so they couldn't really bitch about it. Now, that's a true racer! Anyway, alot of work went into getting a decent racing surface this week and the racers certainly made good use of all of it. Jeff Gress has made himself somewhat unpopular with many racers and fans lately, but holy shit he put on a show! Coming through the field twice like he was on fire and passing some awesome cars like they were sitting still, was something to see. I doubt anybody will forget that run anytime soon. If he ever learns a bit of self control, the rest of the field is in serious trouble! Love him, or hate him,,,, he's a blast to watch.

To close out the weekend WCS offered up some big money for the Freedom Fighters 50. With that kind of money on the line, it would have been great to see lots of side by side action, but it wasn't meant to be. Most of the night resembled a fast moving parade with everybody in line on the bottom of the track. I expect that at an asphalt track, but damn, that was about as exciting as watching golf. Oh well, at least by Sunday there were no longer trying to SELL a program from 2005 with one page added. They were giving them away! ;-) A big congrats goes out to Rick Bond for picking up the big win. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

While this was the last week for action at WCS, it certainly doesn't mean the racing season is over. Hilltop has plenty of action left on the schedule, including the 410 Sprints this Friday. Weather permitting, they have races planned up to October 28th! Also, don't forget about the 11th annual Dirt Blowout at Lakeville Sept. 29th and 30th. That's always one hell of a show!

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